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Old and the New..!!

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Finally moved over to the darkside..!! bought myself an evo 5 last week... here are a few pics of my old car... and new one...!

My old (MY95 WRX)

and the new.... evo5

Had a few problems already although getting it booked in t have stuff looked at then i can start to enjoy it..!! i.e AYC light, tappets e.t.c e.t.c

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Will be getting the tappets at the end of the month..!!;) car seems to handle alot better then my impreza but then it did have 19" wheels on it... less under steer with the evo etc.

Cant wait to get everything sorted and drive it how its supposed to be..! just not looking forward to the bill.. think i may need a rear wheel speed sensor..

Car already had a stainless exhaust and mud flaps etc.. just in the process of putting an induction kit and my HKS dump valve on..

Looks like ill have to fork out the £35 membership too, god evo ownership aint cheap..!:)

Need to get it de-tangoed too..


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you read my mind mate..!!! done it already... thing is its barely legal now..!! v small.

Yea andy was pretty renowned for his turbos on scoobynet..!!! plus a quick STI with huge topmount last time i saw.. think he was at TOTB and did pretty well.

1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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