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Hello people!

I just wanted to ask you all a question: How much oil should be used or put in an engine for a fresh oil-change? I drive a Lancer EVO4 here in the Philippines, and sadly, not may people know a lot about the cars, except how to constantly modify it and end up wrecking the car!

I just had my engine rebuilt, and the shop told me they used 6 liters for the new engine. Is this the normal amount one should put in the car? Sorry if my question is rather dumb, but I don't have access to an english owner's manual for the car. I have asked other people about this same question, and they all said different answers: 4 liters, 5 liters 6 liters, What is the right amount?!


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U will almost certainly get the correct info from a IV owner here , I don't know the specified quantity , I am a VI owner.
However , to give u a quick method to check ,
use yr dipstick!!
See where it reads now , if it's lower than max , top it up , if it's above max , drain some

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From the Evo IV,V Workshop manual:

Oil Filter
0.3 litres
Oil Cooler
0.16 litres (Evo V increases to 0.21 litres)

Total Quantity
5.1 litres

Obviously at a standard oil change you would probably put less than this in because you can never get the last drop out. On an engine rebuild you would put the full amount in.
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