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oil,air filters |PLS| service info for evo 3, import

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were can i get and what are the air and amp; oil filters to fit a evo 3 import, |PLS| were can i get a sevice info for the above.

cheers sf
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RE:eek:il,air filters |PLS| service evo 3, import


Steve hill motor sport do alot of work on E3 as they sprint race them.wicked torque figures.
They will service your car as well .they are based in Long crendon Oxon.
01844 201025 speak to mike Bennett.
Also the Mad proffessor Mark Shead based in bucks covers all Evo,s.
Havn't got the number at hand .Kevin if your viewing to post tel number.
Depending whether you are north or south ,still worth a chat .
You should be able to buy parts off the


Paul s
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RE:eek:il,air filters etc.

Hi Paul

Yes viewing as normal M.A.D. contact no. 01628 671056, will service all variants of Evo.

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