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Just looking at your car in the member's cars section - very nice! Is your bonnet alloy? And is the EIII kit plastic i.e. not fibreglass?

If so then it looks very much like a 'proper' Evo III kit - molto expensivo! It's the flared front wings that make me think that it is, most fibre copies are designed to bolt up to the std. GSR front wings (i.e. no arch extensions), yours look like the real thing. The guy who had it in Japan must've liked it a lot.

Those wheels look mighty fine too, good choice.

p.s. Sorry for the kinda rude way to get your attention but you don't seem to have left an email address on any of you postings! border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

p.p.s. Definitely get yourself signed up to the GSR_Evo list at [URL][/URL]

p.p.p.s. Why Slaphead Racing? [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

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Have not been on that Forum for over a year what's the difference between Andrew Bolton's evo and the evo_gsr list? See Andrew's yet another guy going down the trackday route. See in the current - EVO mag a Blade engined Caterham for £12k!

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The Evo list is primarily made up of UK owners, and most of 'em have VIs.

The GSR_Evo list was started last year for owners of 1800GSRs (like me) and has mostly Aus/NZ members 'cos thats where they were sold. It also covers Evos, although again mostly Ozzy E1-3s.

I subscribe to both, though very rarely post to the Evo list.

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Yes it certainly looks like the kit is the
real deal . I M well pleased with it .
i m not sure of the materials used .I think
the bonnet is alloy , sides and rear wing
are plastic , not so sure about front ,
although some evo 111 s seem to have a spliter that runs around the front , but on my car its one complete mould.
I nearly put evo s on but the league S are far better wheels and the car looks great
with 17s .
Slaphead racing , came from naming my
Fantasy bike race team in MCN , and I ve
used it on things ever since . Something
to do with my hairstyle , or lack of one!!!.
It s a shame that it looks like no other
GSR 1800T s are going to Aldershot .
I agree with you that we should be able to
look at a members data base and see where
people are . I looked in the last few mags
at the new members listing with interest .
Hope a few will turn up at the first Bed/Buck
/hart meet.
How many are there in the country do you
think ??.
must go cheers Richard..
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