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It was pointed out to me yesterday that my post could have been misleading.

Just for the sake of database completeness, let me clarify.

There are two sets of 'Fast Road and Track' damper kits available for Ohlins.

The set specially made for the Evo 5/6 consists of:-
MIS 7A00 (fronts) retails at 709.95
MIS 8A00 (rears) retail at 535.57
This kit does not have height adjustable platforms.

It is possible to buy the kit for the Evo 7 which does offer height adjustable platforms and fit it to the Evo 6 by using some suplied shims.
This kit consists of parts
MIS KB00 (fronts) retails at 793.46
MIS LB00 (rears) retails at 529.03

The shims cost a few quid per corner and can be supplied by Aurok also.

Aurok can also fit the kits and perform 4 wheel alignment and set corner weights if required.


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Aurok rock in my opinion. I've got a set of the Jap crap "Ohlins" made by Soki and the fronts needed re-building due to chrome coming off the insets and crapping the bushes.
Aurok couldn't get the inserts from Japan so rebuilt them using inserts from some Bilstein shocks, welding the Evo mount onto the end of the strut and then machining to a perfect finish. Absolutely superb - and cheap which made me happy!
Ohlins - as said before, the best mod you can do. But the Jap ones are honestly next to useless compared to the Euro ones. I'm just glad I had them rebuilt proper like.

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Hi all

Thanks for the info. Would be interested to hear how you go on viking, particularly using the E7 units with shims. I take it this has been done before then, or are you the guinea pig?!

Regards and thanks again.
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