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Latest Mitsubishi Press release:

Name of power-up Evo VII revealed
Range represents even more value for money
1.8 MPI Pinin 5 door and Van introduced

There are many good reasons for Mitsubishi customers to be heading to new vehicle
showrooms in time for the March 1st registration plate change. Not least of all, lower
prices, added value and a range of niche vehicles just that bit different.
The arrival during the latter part of March/beginning of April of the official European
specification Lancer Evo VII models will be a big attraction - especially now as the
names and prices have been announced.

Evolution VII RS II and FQ-300
Two versions of Mitsubishi's latest supercar are being introduced. The 'standard' RS
II and the power up Evo VII - the FQ-300. The FQ could stand for 'flipping quick'-
or 'fine quality' - your choice. With the FQ-300 performance pack fitted, the
superfast Evo produces 305 bhp at 6,500 rpm compared to the 276 bhp at 6,500 rpm
of the RS II. Torque figures are 282 lb ft at 3,500rpm for the RS II and 300 lb ft at 4,500
on the FQ-300. This 8.4% increase in torque results in improved flexibility in gear
changing for improved responsiveness when overtaking. The RS II has a 0-62mph
time of 5.3 seconds and a restricted maximum speed of 155mph. The official figures
for the FQ-300 have yet to be confirmed. The RS II retails at £29,995 and the
upgraded FQ-300 for £31,495. Fuel economy and emission figures - do they matter
sufficient to say emissions are legal.

Success Breeds Success
Mitsubishi's big success story last year was the growth of its 4 x 4 models. The L200
Double Cab is already ahead of all its competitors this year with a 41.4% sector share
of the market in January. With the introduction of the third generation Animal Cab
and 2002 models benefiting from revised engines resulting in more power, and
lower prices the whole range of 2WD and 4WD Pick-Ups offer something to suit
anyone from 'real' Pick-Up users to the lifestyle market. The range starts at £9,995
(Commercial Vehicle On The Road price) for the L200 Pick-Up 2WD to £17,995 for
the L200 Animal Cab - with prices reduced from between 6% and 13%.

The Best at the Best Price
Mitsubishi's Space Wagon range was rationalised in December and specification
increased so that there are only two seven seater models; the Space Wagon 2.0
Classic manual and the 2.4 GDI Equippe automatic. The 2.0 litre version benefits
from a £1,000 price reduction and £1,000 more of extra specification, whilst the 2.4
version was reduced in price by £2,000 and now has a 6 CD auto-changer as
standard. Retail prices start at £15,995.

Colt, Carisma and Galant
Other models affected by Mitsubishi's latest round of price realignments and upspecification
are the Colt Hatchback, Carisma and Galant models. The Colt range is
revised with prices starting at £8,495 whilst the new high specification Mirage variant
costs just £10,995. The Carisma 1.6 Mirage benefits from a price reduction of £2,585,
with prices from £9,995 on the road, with all other models reduced by a minimum of
£1,000. The 2002 Galant range has new bodystyling across the range, similar to that
of Mitsubishi Ralliart's Galant VR4. With price reductions of up to £1,300 on the 2.0
Classic, and 17" alloy wheels, titanium dash and CD player added to the Equippe
and leather seats to the 2.5 V6 Elegance, the new line-up priced from £15,995 to
£22,245 offers something for everyone.

The Shogun Range - Strength in Depth
The Shogun Pinin range has been revised with the introduction of the 1.8 MPI Pinin
to replace the 1.8 GDI 3 door, and to become the entry level model in the 5 door lineup.
A 3 door van has also been introduced for the commercial user. Prices of the 1.8
MPI Shogun Pinin range start at £10,995 (Commercial Vehicle On The Road) for the
Pinin Van, ranging to £15,245 for the 5 door automatic. The 2.0 GDI line-up consists
of the 2.0 GDI 3 door Mirage and Elegance and 2.0 GDI 5 door Equippe and
Elegance with prices starting at £13,995 for the Mirage, ranging to £18,495 for the
Shogun Pinin 5 door 2.0 GDI Elegance Auto.
The 2002 Shogun Sport has a revised uprated diesel engine and the Shogun range
has two new models, the Shogun 3.2 Turbo Diesel DI-D Equippe automatic 3 door
from £26,495 and a Classic specification derivative for the Shogun 3.5 GDI V6 petrol
automatic 5 door from £28,995 on the road.

Easy to Choose, Easy to Own
Customers can also take advantage of Mitsubishi's latest retail offers which run until
the end of March. These include 50/50 finance on many models to include Space
Star Mirage, Colt 1.6 Mirage, Carisma Mirage and Shogun Pinin Mirage.

Thanks for the info (you know who you are ;))

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With the FQ-300 performance pack fitted, the superfast Evo produces 305 bhp at 6,500 rpm compared to the 276 bhp at 6,500 rpm
of the RS II.

Superfast, yeah, right ...

The RS II has a 0-62mph time of 5.3 seconds and a restricted maximum speed of 155mph.

I have always said it is slower than a 6; there you go, it's official now!!
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