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Picked up this evo 7 gsr which was a bit of a find these days. It’s never had paint, it’s never had under seal, it’s amazing condition for the age, at 30k miles it’s like new and drives like it.

It was imported in 2004, the owner then hardlyused it until he stored it in 2013 in a friends barn until 2018 when it was moved to the owners property. His son in law polished it regularly so it’s been kept really well.

The underside of the car never had any underseal and as such there is surface rust but it’s really solid and flakes when you rub it. This I’m going to redo and get a clear coating of some sort. I’m also going to send all the other bits (diff carrier etc) for vapour blasting to return to as new. The engine cover needs painting and the under bonnet is full of dust so this needs also a good going over.

The tyres were perished and flat being stood so I replaced these and the fuel pump was a pile of rust so this was replied. It wouldn’t boost on running so we also checked the injectors which had gone bad so these were also replaced. It now runs spot on with no ticks or knocks, she puts like a kitten.

i had the callipers repainted and the spoiler blade redone as it had lacquer peel, whilst it was there I had the headlights restored. The painter commented how it’s so straight. Never been painted.

I’m really happy with it, cars like this are hard to find now so the plan is keep it for a few years and watch it rocket on price. I’ll still use it occasionally over the summer, maybe some shows and the odd run out just to keep it running good. Storing them for 8 years and not driving it had caused issues.

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Very nice buy! If someone asked me if I had to bet on bitcoin or this evo 7 in the next 5 years, it would be this evo 7 (y)

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Looks ace mate - If you ever think about selling it - give me 1st dibs please :D

Been looking at VII's lately :unsure:
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