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Another great thing in life to be obsessed with - evo tuning. I went to buy a family car and already Ive sorted the breathing and already thinking of getting it to stage 1 (what I call stage 1).. i.e. ecu |PLS| boost controller. Spent all day cleaning the engine and thinking of getting teh cusco staright induction pipe and amp; battery relocation and some nice hoses etc...

Lots of questions here but would appreciate some accurate feedback.

As I understand it, 350bhp-ish includes ARP bolts, ECU, Boost controller and amp; fuel controller

1) should any other precautions be made at this level (e.g. uprated fuel pump) ?
2) are there any other options other than Ralliart sports ECU ?
3) is the APexi the boost controller to go for (some people seem to say you don't need one but I rather would) ?
4) what is the boost level and what is it standard ?
5) will my car become unreliable - when does the engine start to get get stressed
6) any ideas of costs for all this ?

Thing is, in my copy of Japanese Performnace, RC developments advert says just 1058 pounds for 350bhp then 1585 for 380bhp which seems cheap.

-What does 380bhp involve briefly and what about costs ?
-If someone reputable does these conversions will the reliability still be good ?
-Finally, what the benefit of the 2.2 stroke kit ?

thansk for any help with this


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I have the 350 brake conversion from RC Developements its fantastic ,they really know what they are doing,phone them and speak to Clive mention my name and they will look after you,

Regards Barry:)

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From what I understand, the main stress on the engine is when you boost very high at 3,500 or 4,000 rpms.
The 2,2l stroker kit or the shaved crankshaft supposedly reduces lag (good if you have a bigger turbo).

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Hehehe, Richard. Welcome to the club!! Are you already calculating your income in Evo parts? Or is it not that bad with you yet

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anyone know specifically about the 350bhp thing
it seems that I don't need a new ECU if I go fro teh apexi fuel regulator and amp; boost controller... that way I just change the settings if I upgrade further... easier and cheaper than buying e.g. a gems ????

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That's true, but if you think about it in the long run something like a Gems will work out cheaper. The replacement ECU costs 1100 pounds, I'd be surprised if the two Apexi things will be cheaper if you include fitting. Both things will have to be mapped by a pro if you don't want to do it yourself, although mapping the GEMS will probably be more expensive. Get a quote for both options and then decide, bearing in mind that a GEMS ECU will be the right thing even if you want to go ALS, Launch control or 400bhp|PLS| at some point.

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spoke to RC...

1600 quid for ttheir stage2... (incl. fitting) a conservative 350bhp
Probably quite a big jump from my current car that doesn't even have the Ralliart sport ECU.

Price is bigger than I thought... will have to wait a bit I think. Conversion seems good in terms of further upgrades, either putting all on a Mak if i get one next year or moving on to 380bhp.

Only fly in the ointment is the EVO 7.5 ..... anybody know about this car. Supposed to be a monster - maybe I'll bypass my plans to change to a Mak/7 and wait for this.

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He he...the so called 7.5 will probably end up being badged the E7 FDE or AME....aka Francois Delecour or Alister MCRae Editons! He he :D

Jokes should have a 6 speeder:)
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