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I thought i would share this with you guys as 1 of your very kind members came across to the TOC (Toyota Owners Club) forum to share your threads... *you know who you are mate!. ;)

So here is my contribution back to you nutty Evo lads... These chaps in the GT3 came with us along with the nutty RX7 TT with the CF GT wing and a rapid little white and balck CRX.

Vid taken by the passenger of a Porsche GT3 chasing me round the Nurburgring!

Please be aware there are a few words not suitable for children or peeps who dont condone swearing.. :D

Hope you enjoy...

Just to say that i couldn't take left bends hard as i had buggered up my front right suspension and it kept bottoming out.. also with fast dips henc ewhy you see me braking at those points.. :(


P.s) please be aware this is not 56k friendly.. its a 52Mb file.. :p

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Along with having to slow down for the crashes and faster mota's..

My best time was 9min 43sec.. but that was only on my 3rd lap.. and i did 6 in Total.. and was a bit quicker then.. just cant wait till next year when i will have the suspension sorted out..

Bring it on.. :D

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Yeah..I liked that as well... i actually have brand new 17" Lenso KR5 rims but put the standard on for better stability and feel while throwing it about.

The car is pretty much standard to be honest..

Apexi Induction kit with heat shield
Manual boost controller (boost peaks at 16Psi and settles at 12Psi)
After market boost gauge...

Those are the only 'performance' mods on her.. I would estimate its pushin out about 270bhp+ as a good estimated figure.

In stock form i had the car put on the rollers at 'Prosport' in Warrington... had some good news and bad news..

Bad news = car was only boosting at 7.5Psi (stock for the 1994 tubo is 13Psi)

Good news = Car still pushed out 237bhp and 207lb/ft torque! :D

So the car now has the Apexi induction. (nothing expected bhp wise i must add) and the manual boost conroller..

Upped the boost to almost double... and now im happy as Larry! :coolsm:

well.. need to sort out the suspension now!.. :cry:

Stock 0-60 - 5.2 and top speed is limited to the gearing at about 160/165mph...

My car fingers crossed should be able to hit 60 in sub 5 sec with a racing driver behind the wheel.. and ive had 160mph out of the car at 6800rpm in 5th.. redline is at 7200rpm.

that reading was from an Electronic Apexi thinggy which was attached to a mates RX7 TT who was along side me doing the same speed!.. lol :D

For the monies.. you cant buy a faster car..
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