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Not Happy, Really Not Happy:(

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As title says, still....NOT happy :( Started Last week, clutch pedal was sticking badly but still had to ddrive the car til the weekend but by the weekend it was getting worse, to the point where even though the clutch was all the way to the floor, it wasn't engaged and selecting gears was....hmm, embarrassing? :cry: Anyway, decided yesterday to throw her in the shop and make them do the works, thought it was just the Slave Cylinder so I was like ok, no biggie, pick it up today and continue on the road. Garage called today, they pull everything down and said I need new clutch disk (I take it I need 2 because I have an Oguru Twin Plate Clutch Kit??), new pressure plate(how could I though? :confused: The clutch felt just as strong as when I had just got th car and it was gripping very hard??), new clutch bearings, new clutch master cylinder, new slave cylinder, and I also need a new gearbox (i think it's because the one I had was already going so the twin plate clutch setup didn't help, although it was selecting gears fine, just a little chip to second and a chip to third?? :confused: ) So basically I am very unhappy right now, does anyone have any advice on this stuff?? Like what HAS to change and what can pass without changing or maybe I don't need to switch certain things, like maybe gearbox just needs synchros or something?? Any advice will help. Thanks.
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there are a few common e1-3 problems that result in this

1. the bulkhead behind the master cylinder(m-c) has cracked/split;
this allows the whole area to flex and so the m-c leaks =loss of fluid = no clutch
and/or it's difficult to engage the clutch as the actuation rod doesn't engage or properly in the m-c
solution: weld & strengthen that whole area behind and around the m-s
- should be an easy task for any bodyshop/garage, once the m-s and other items are removed
The m-c seals may also have become damaged/worn so you will have to replace those as well

2. the clutch actuation fork(on top of gearbox) has a bush that wears
solution: replace bush/fork

3. the slave cylinder is knackered
solution: replace/change seals

(FNG_EVO has just had the same problem; thread in Lancer chat)
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