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just wanted your views on what im aiming for with my evo 6, the car is purely a weekend car maybe 3000 miles a year.

list of bits fitted so far-

- walbro f/pump
-3 inch exhaust from turbo to back
-avcr b/c
-hks induction
-forge bov

bits im looking to add to the car-

- nd rod job
-9 80 series
-hks 264's
-uprated clutch(recommendations plz)
-780cc injectors
-k sport 356 big brakes????
-upgrade engine mounts

aiming for 400-450hp, and i want to do it right first time round and dont

want to decide, oh, i want to change this or that 6 months down the line!!!

am i better off buying an fp green or red to allow for future improvement?

car is already 367 hp, but some loon had it mapped at 1.65 bar, if i could have that power on low boosti.e 1.4 on new setup id be over the moon!!!

any comments welcome:smthumbup

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Seems like a reasonable set up to me.

I had initially planned to do something pretty similar and I had bought an 80 series, I then started thinking, well if i'm spending the money on the rod job then i'd be aswell making the most of it and opted for a different turbo. I've decided on a CBRD BBK Full. Should hopefully be good for 450+ bhp with my supporting mods.
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