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hi guys and girls.... can anyone help me out , just researching nos at the moment.... is it a good idea to fit nos to an fq300 evo7 ? anyone done it ? what companys to use ? possible perils and pitfalls or glory stories ? all help would be much appreciated ..
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Speak to T1 RSE They seem to be doin a fair bit of research

cheers stu and will do !!!!!
anyone else got any info to share ?
If you are gonna do it then I would recommend a highpower Wizard of NOS system. :D
We have just completed our nitrous installation on our VII Extreme and the results are fantastic.

It really depends on what you want from the car, Its a very cheap way of tuning and enables you to decide from day to day whether you want to drive the car as standard or tuned. :D But to be completely honest it all depends on what standard your car is already at. If the car is standard then I would advise to steer away from the nitrous route as there are more beneficial tuning mods that you can do first. Nitrous is really best used once you have got to the point where your maximum bhp of the standard turbo is achieved, the reason why you would use nitrous really is when the standard turbo is maxed and you still want more power without the lag of a bigger turbo.

There are lots of pitfalls and the best advice I can give you is to make sure you have it installed and set up properly by someone who knows what they are doing, there are too many tuning companies out there who just don't have the knowledge needed when iut comes to playing with nitrous.......mistakes can be very costly as a few guys from here could tell you.

There are many other extremely good ways of tuning the car, but if you are seriously considering the nitrous route then I would suggest you give us a call for the most honest no bull opinion as to whether it will suit the car or not!

Hope this helps! ;)

Tina. xx
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Don't put 150bhp jets in, take your mate out in the wet, (just as you've put the new jets in) turn the progressive controller on and activate nitrous switch.......just as ur accelerating out of a bend :crackup:

Nitrous system .....£600
Making a tit of yourself trying to impress your mate.....priceless :crackup:
Those were the days....started on 25's and ended up on 160's I seem to remember :crackup:
Mind you, my mate took the p iss for days, up to the point where he had -128 degrees coming at him from an 11lb bottle :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup:
OOOooooo.....honey now is it.

A while back I was in your bad books for ignoring a woman talking about nitrous oxide systems :D ;) ;) ;)

Tell me that's you in the avatar Tina :D :beerchug: :kiss: :googoo:
I don't hold grudges Adam honey :kiss:

As for the avatar pic ;) Similar shape just I'm not blonde! :D
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