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Put me down if its not to late,only bringing one evo lol,I forgot I,m still a member on scoobynet,lead a convoy of scooby to a show at seaham,15 of them ,me in the Satnav was well out of date,got us lost in pennywell,massive speedbumps.There was a lad in an orange scooby spent 50k on it,Dal? Not sure but he did with the trophy.
He was with cumbrian scoobs wonder if he remembers lol

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Well its time for the first NBO 10 thread !!! as its only 2 weeks to go to the big day !


This year as we have loads to do we are opening the NBO 10 at 1030am ##

TRADERS ONLY will be able to get onto the field at 830am to give them time to set up their trade stands ready for the opening at 1030am ###

CLUB STANDS ONLY will be able to get onto the <hallowed ground > from 9AM
this will give them ample time to set up the stands and get ready for the opening at 1030 am
those cars that will be parking ONLY on the club stands can come and help set up their displays.parking will be available opposite for those who are building displays etc

Please can you tell the marshalls which club you are with as you enter the field so the marshalls will direct you to the correct part of the field !!!

NO OTHER CARS will be allowed onto the field due to H&S reasons for there will be lots of er...erections (setting up tents) and parking of cars on the various displays ,dont DONT BOTHER turning up early as the Captain will not let you in as we have lots to do ,last year we identified problems with cars turning up that were not part of a club stand early.
Club stand spaces will be marked out as per your number of cars requested on the club stand registration thread

By 10am all the traders will be ready, the club stands will be perfect and eagley waiting the many other subarus that will arrive

NBO convoys arrangements will be announced shortly

On arrival You will be directed to your position to park by Gus and the marshalls

/don't ask 'where the toilets/ friends are/food/raffle tickets/big dipper/.Please go straight to the slot you have been allocated to ,Remember there might be 300++ Subarus behind you pumping out Exhaust gasses and raising the Subaru carbon footprint !!

This is a hugh operation which takes months of planning with the goal of Everyone in the field between 1030am -1100 am

With a Even Bigger Arena this year space will be tight and we have to park you all quickly so the show can get underway for 1030 -11am

NOONE MUST BE LATE ##(as the marshalls who have been up since 5am aslo to like to look around the show as well

If you not on the list you will not get in!!!

If you are wondering why the list closes early it is because the event has to be insured for correct numbers and if we estimate 500 and we get <only >400 we have pay extra premiums !!!

ENTRANCE to the NBO 10 is £8 donation (minimum) per car !!

Most people just chuck in a tenner apart from the odd tightwads

All proceeds go straight into the charity bucket and are sealed by the charity so
NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ##Dont even ask like the 2 Idiots last year You will be called a Tightwad and named and shamed
The Captain takes no prisoners !

NO EXEPTIONS -car onto field £8 min donation to charity !!
turn up with a tenner -It goes in the bucket
turn up with a twenty pound note it goes straight into the bucket
NO CHANGE GIVEN as it is a charity event #####

please can you have your money ready as you drive in to pay as there will be many other subarus behind you !!!

Ligh****er Valley gives us the field at a Discounted rate as it is a charity event so all money donated at the gate goes straght into the charity fund thanks to them for this fantastic gesture again for the 10 th year

The collections on the gate will be the fantastic team of the Captain ,Denise ,TJ ,Mark ,Julie,Croggie and Elaine.

what we ask is give a couple more ££ s for your passengers many great Subaru owners last year give tens and twentys and last 10 years in total we raised Over £44500for charity

any one found driving fast over the grass or donutting will be asked to leave the field imediately and will be banned from the NBO .##
Be warned the Captain and Denise have cameras and if anyone drives past them and parks at LV and walks in to the NBO field the car will be photographed and named and shamed on the forums like the 4 Tight wads/chavs last year.
trevor will be manning the NBO HQ along with his charity collecting team from the firemans charity

At the NBO HQ which is the tent in the middle of the field with the PA system you will be able to purchase your Raffle tickets this year as always there is some fantastic prizes given by our suppliers and various sponsers and contacts again all proceeds go to charity

We also have some great prizes to auction
Please can you fetch any raffle prizes you want to donate or get from your work on the day .


At the NBO tent you will be able to collect your voucher for LV for reduced admission for you if you want to visit the theame park this year .
prices LV entrance £16saving £7on normal prices we have 200 discounted vouchers available


LV have toilets and cafes and takeaways along with the LV burger van along with an excellent shopping village to tempt/distract the wifes while you smuggle necessay bits for your scoobys into your cars


The club stands will be judged between 11-1230 pm with the new concept to be unveiled soon
Don,t worry though it's fun !!
Once again we have got the services of the world famous CFM DJ for the 8th year

Martin Reay ,master of ceremonies is a part of the NBO committee and gives his time free for a great cause ,he is the king of the mike and will keep you all entertained .

We will have some great trade stands and some fantastic club displays and the new show Arena with some great competions which will be announced shortly

Full Details of what is happening along with the club stand competion will be added to this thread


NBO chairman (for all my sins)

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Ok, the list will close on the 19th of June as we have to have all the names in by then, so please don't hesitate if you would like to come :smthumbup

We need some nice polished cars in the arena to try win the non subaru part of the awards (imo we should have had the overall the other year!!! :D)

Don't forget, if you and/or kids just want to go to the theme park you can come and park on the stand and then get a reduced price tickets for entry to Light water valley :smthumbup
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