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Hi guys full details here as Friday is deadline for club registration and if Chris can get pledges for say minimum 15 cars we can allocate a separate 'EVO corner ' for you all as we draw up the plans at the weekend for the layout of the field
All info on there and link to the website and fb pages with lots of photos on

That's the link for the club stand registration and Chris can liaise with me on this one

If you can follow the details when preparing your list
Eg name year model and how far you travel to the event this year as that information is important to us as we come to the tenth NBO in our original ten year vision and then we can use the mileage to decide if we ever wanted to hold another NBO or move the event to another location in the uk

It would be great to have the EVOs here for the 5th year again as it helps us raise a few hundred more for our charity's which is just over 44k since we started the vison
Hopefully see you there but we need 15 pledges before Friday then we can allocate a section of you on the field then expand it if more of you attend as long as your names on a list so we can make space as trying to for 350/400 cars in a field in less then an hour is a logistics nightmare for our marshalls

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This year the money that is raised at the NBO is going to The Fire Fighters Charity. The UK's leading provider of services that enhance quality of life for serving and retired fire fighters, fire personnel and their families. Their vision is to make a positive difference by supporting people in the fire and rescue community when they are in need.
Trev is our new charity coordinator for NBO 10
I'm really excited about our new charity for this year the firefighters will be in attendance and they will be helping us man the arena ,sell raffle tickets and gave talks on the good work they do

We also have a special NBO 10 sovernere available
We only have 400 of them as part of our celebration of the NBO 10

I'm also looking for a few people that have been to all ten NBO s
The Evos have been around as long as me so i would imaginge there might of been a couple of you who have done all ten ?

If so let me know as I want a special group photo done of everyone who has done all ten

Details coming out shortly on this along with the new classes for judgeing after valued comments made last year and a new style club stand judgeing

Yes it will be officially announced soon but I want one of the EVO members along with a representative of each club to judge the stands but don't worry full training will be given !!!
Really excited about these new things that's coming through after Sunday's meeting to make the best NBO ever to celebrate our tenth year

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Well its time for the first NBO 10 thread !!! as its only 2 weeks to go to the big day !


This year as we have loads to do we are opening the NBO 10 at 1030am ##

TRADERS ONLY will be able to get onto the field at 830am to give them time to set up their trade stands ready for the opening at 1030am ###

CLUB STANDS ONLY will be able to get onto the <hallowed ground > from 9AM
this will give them ample time to set up the stands and get ready for the opening at 1030 am
those cars that will be parking ONLY on the club stands can come and help set up their displays.parking will be available opposite for those who are building displays etc

Please can you tell the marshalls which club you are with as you enter the field so the marshalls will direct you to the correct part of the field !!!

NO OTHER CARS will be allowed onto the field due to H&S reasons for there will be lots of er...erections (setting up tents) and parking of cars on the various displays ,dont DONT BOTHER turning up early as the Captain will not let you in as we have lots to do ,last year we identified problems with cars turning up that were not part of a club stand early.
Club stand spaces will be marked out as per your number of cars requested on the club stand registration thread

By 10am all the traders will be ready, the club stands will be perfect and eagley waiting the many other subarus that will arrive

NBO convoys arrangements will be announced shortly

On arrival You will be directed to your position to park by Gus and the marshalls

/don't ask 'where the toilets/ friends are/food/raffle tickets/big dipper/.Please go straight to the slot you have been allocated to ,Remember there might be 300++ Subarus behind you pumping out Exhaust gasses and raising the Subaru carbon footprint !!

This is a hugh operation which takes months of planning with the goal of Everyone in the field between 1030am -1100 am

With a Even Bigger Arena this year space will be tight and we have to park you all quickly so the show can get underway for 1030 -11am

NOONE MUST BE LATE ##(as the marshalls who have been up since 5am aslo to like to look around the show as well

If you not on the list you will not get in!!!

If you are wondering why the list closes early it is because the event has to be insured for correct numbers and if we estimate 500 and we get <only >400 we have pay extra premiums !!!

ENTRANCE to the NBO 10 is £8 donation (minimum) per car !!

Most people just chuck in a tenner apart from the odd tightwads

All proceeds go straight into the charity bucket and are sealed by the charity so
NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ##Dont even ask like the 2 Idiots last year You will be called a Tightwad and named and shamed
The Captain takes no prisoners !

NO EXEPTIONS -car onto field £8 min donation to charity !!
turn up with a tenner -It goes in the bucket
turn up with a twenty pound note it goes straight into the bucket
NO CHANGE GIVEN as it is a charity event #####

please can you have your money ready as you drive in to pay as there will be many other subarus behind you !!!

Ligh****er Valley gives us the field at a Discounted rate as it is a charity event so all money donated at the gate goes straght into the charity fund thanks to them for this fantastic gesture again for the 10 th year

The collections on the gate will be the fantastic team of the Captain ,Denise ,TJ ,Mark ,Julie,Croggie and Elaine.

what we ask is give a couple more ££ s for your passengers many great Subaru owners last year give tens and twentys and last 10 years in total we raised Over £44500for charity

any one found driving fast over the grass or donutting will be asked to leave the field imediately and will be banned from the NBO .##
Be warned the Captain and Denise have cameras and if anyone drives past them and parks at LV and walks in to the NBO field the car will be photographed and named and shamed on the forums like the 4 Tight wads/chavs last year.
trevor will be manning the NBO HQ along with his charity collecting team from the firemans charity

At the NBO HQ which is the tent in the middle of the field with the PA system you will be able to purchase your Raffle tickets this year as always there is some fantastic prizes given by our suppliers and various sponsers and contacts again all proceeds go to charity

We also have some great prizes to auction
Please can you fetch any raffle prizes you want to donate or get from your work on the day .


At the NBO tent you will be able to collect your voucher for LV for reduced admission for you if you want to visit the theame park this year .
prices LV entrance £16saving £7on normal prices we have 200 discounted vouchers available


LV have toilets and cafes and takeaways along with the LV burger van along with an excellent shopping village to tempt/distract the wifes while you smuggle necessay bits for your scoobys into your cars


The club stands will be judged between 11-1230 pm with the new concept to be unveiled soon
Don,t worry though it's fun !!
Once again we have got the services of the world famous CFM DJ for the 8th year

Martin Reay ,master of ceremonies is a part of the NBO committee and gives his time free for a great cause ,he is the king of the mike and will keep you all entertained .

We will have some great trade stands and some fantastic club displays and the new show Arena with some great competions which will be announced shortly

Full Details of what is happening along with the club stand competion will be added to this thread


NBO chairman (for all my sins)

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Thanks for your support guys Chris will finalise the names of those going and post it in the master list which closes tomorrow night
Here is some more info
here is all the information you are looking for the club stand competion at the NBO 10

There is quite a lot of changes for NBO 10 in the ten year < vison >

this will be the 8th year we have held the club competion and after getting to such incredible levels in the last few years with the new kids on the block taking 1-2-3 lately we will be continuing with this very important part of the show.

similar format, the Trophies have been ordered, and suppied kindley by Total impreza and we have done what we wanted to do many years ago increase subaru awareness and link people to the growing club scene that we have created In the last ten years .

Its interesting to see that in just over 300 cars expected we have had over 270 linked to clubs and because of that and the numbers you have supplied us with we are again relaying the field with more emphasis on club space and smaller lines in the middle for independents and of course the new special attraction for NBO 10

it was great to see the independents being targeted by the clubs to increase membership to their clubs .
Last year the field was planned to perfection by the team and club space was increased which made the displays stand out even better.

If we see people not visiting other clubs stands and hanging around their own club stands only then it wont work ,but we dont want to go back 8 years to just lines of cars so NBO 10 will work if people actually visit other clubs to see each others cars and displays
Its a 2 way process
club stands MUST be inviting and people are not shy and walk to other clubs to see their cars and meet fellow owners

most stand managers have reported lots of visitors to their stands ,prehaps other clubs dont want rival clubs looking at their displays I dont know ? but I want to see everyone on the field moving from display to display ,been wellcomed by other clubs so to increase movement around the field
We have made a major change ######

The Club stand judges are YOURSELVES
Well one representative from each club ( although you can fetch a friend or two)

This is a MAJOR CHANGE to the competiton this year

We have 13 clubs who will each vote on the TOP FIVE only

You will walk around the various club stands and look at the stands and select the top five

You will then vote your best display on the marking sheets which you will be given

Number one
Number two
Number three
Number four
Number five

The rest on your sheets will be the runners up

It's so easy I've done it for years !!
At NBO 10 we then collate all the numbers of 1-2-3-4-5 and that will be the running order
As you all know ALL clubs get a Trophey for entering as part of our thanks for making the show special with a great display and to increase competiton to make an attractive display for the show

So why change it from previous years ?
We must change and try new things
We struggle to get judges
Lordys getting older now !!

We have always used 5 judges led by myself all professional with different opinions and ideas of what makes an attractive display but this year we want to take the pressure of these judges so we can redeploy them in other areas of the NBO to make the show better and to take away any critisism that we have our favourites with our displays
It's your show and we want each club to wander around and pick your top five
Its EASY and of course I've included a list of things to look at ,which is what the judges last year looked for when marking the club stands

I will also be on hand to walk around with a few of you and gave a talk at the start And hand out the judges sheets to the thirteen clubs
I'm looking at starting the NBO self judgeing at around about 1130 as it normally takes an hour and we need the full results back in by 1pm so we can have the official count up of the top five so we can work out the running order for the NBO club stand of the day

Things to look for are Help you make your decision are

Banners /signage
Bunting/ flags
Use of colour/equipment
Space uses wisely
position of vehicles
impact of display

clean and tidy
Variety of modles
Boards and specs on cars


Quality of tents/ equipments
club info/leaflets etc
SWAG and kid friendly ( Subaru wives and children )

Club members /Activities
Roles of members
Details of club activities
Club uniforms and regalia


Desire to win
The X Factor
Club Theme



notes on the above to help the YOU the new club stand managers
Is it wellcoming to outsiders ?
Is everyone treated like a judge ?
does your entry look good from a distance ?
are you advertsing your club ?
If it was a shop would you go in and buy something ?
would you buy into the club/subaru concept
did you plan it out beforehand ?
Cars is there lines of scoobies crushed in together or have you put some thought into the layout in colour ,age ,modle,variety and possibly a centre piece ?

Remember we have the show Arena for the entries for the car of the day !!!
are all cars on show looking their best with spec sheets
as there is more to a club display then just cars !!!

(lordys pet hate is someone polishing the car wearing umbro/addias or looking bored or scared when the judges are wandering around)
Is your Club HQ looking fantastic ,this is your headquarters ,your conference room and rest area Does it look the part ?

Do you have club documentation ,leaflets ,buisness cards, photos etc?
Have you refreshments for your troops and guests?
A well fed club is a happy club ""Very imortant part of club structure this !!

Have you developed the SWAG section (Subaru wives and girlfriends ) and activies for any Subaru children as we have become more mainstream /family orintated rather then just men dressed in jeans and T-Shirts looking down at engine bays what we started ten years ago !!

Club members make the group ############

Are they Buzzing and passionate and as excited as Lordy
or are they standing around bored and thinking of the dump valves and the price of fuel ?
Are they advertsing their club and scoobies or addias and umbro or chav style clothing ?
Is the club well organised with structure and meetings ?
does the appointed stand manager shine and is he committed ?

##Can he sell the benefits of the club ###
Is he/her the ultimate salesman /spokesman and purist ""
the club stand manager and his team ,their excitement and manner has won many tropheys !!

The X Factor !!!

Has the complete stand and staff got it?
Does the judges walk away thinking that was fantastic and wishing they were part of that club ?

and we are repeating again this year !!!

A Theme ####

We would like every club to come up with a theme for the day ,it can be 'anything' scooby OR non scooby

It could be dressing up ,collections ,a charity, a new display, some thing different ?
---Its your choice ----
that is your club theme for the day and you will get 10 points for that and that tied up with the X factor could make you a winner ,

good luck for the gold !!

Some clubs are richer then other newer clubs ,thats why we have developed different criteria that doesnt need hugh amounts spent ,passion is sometimes as important to give every club a chance for the gold
So it's simple your appointed member from each club will walk around and judge the rest !!

we have the final list of 13clubs now for the NBO

Cumbrian Scoobs
UK Scoobies
Porsche independent owners club
UK legacies
Midlands Scoobies

stand Managers

and the field has been planned and we can,t change it for late comers


This year YOU will be starting the judging at 1130 am Sharp #
And are determined to complete it by 1245 for scoring ,YOU now know what you are looking for so please check the above and go for the GOLD !!

see you all soon
Who is looking forward to a rest after nine years of judgeing

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Well as it was so popular over the last few years and with the new arena and with over 140 scoobies taking part last year we are repeating the

NBO 10 show and shine car of the day comp

this year we will have an even BIGGER arena to give more space for the cars and the crowds that watch this .
As the NBO concept has grown every year we feel this is the finale for the final year of the current NBO ten year vision .

this is a major part of fundraising so everyone pays a quid or TWO as they drive into the arena for the charity buckets We made over £400 for charity last year .
This year we will have the fireman with the buckets collecting at the arena gates
This is becoming an important part of our fundraising
To drive your car into the NBO Arena for a quid or TWO is a bargain to park up with the best Subarus in the uk

Don't be frightened to enter
Its a bit of fun and half the cars drive into the arena that attend the show

we try to keep it simple and quick and this year Chris < the legend > Towers and the judges have made a few changes to things ,speed the process up for the 180 cars expected in the arena for the various classes and we have made an even BIGGER arena

Well to sort out the best cars of the day we have assembled some great judges !!!

Chief Judge
Chris < the legend > Towers
After our cabinet reshuffle and after nine years Chris fancied a change to celebrate NBO 10 and what better way then to use his management and engineering skills in the Arena managing the classes to be judged

Andy Rae from Scotland
Andys second year in the judges coat but with 20 years experience in show and shine on the RS concourse scene and now Subaru nothing gets past him .
Andy has taken his skills to a new level this year with producing new sheets and specifications
Some say he will get his White gloves out and want to check the nuts and bolts are the correct angle and the things are taken apart ,cleaned and put back together again he will not miss anything a true perfectionist .
I once told Andy I'd washed and cleaned the Greenwagon which took 8 hours and Andy laughed at me and said that's just a basic wash from where I come from

We also have another two top judges that will be announced very shortly


These judges have fantastic qualification and experience built up over many years and no one can ever question their abilities
Yes we will always get the moaners and grumbles and it would be easy to give 180 trophies away to keep everyone happy but these guys have the awesome job of sorting out the best cars in the show ,they know their stuff and their decision is always final !!

Please read carefully for the changes we have made as there is quite a few from last year #
1. Best non Subaru car

A great class to get us underway for the day
Non Subaru only ,anything goes and will in this class to draw the crowds to the arena
Might even be some of the Porsche and EVO ,choppers ,custom car ,wagons or even a remote control car
Best new hatch section 2008 +
This is the third year that the hatches are in the arena last year we had 14 in the arena ,hopefully we might have a few more this year and a couple of the new saloons too
With hatches & Salloons the future *****il the BRZ ) of Subaru we must look to the future with these cars
Get your hatch in the arena ,modified or just clean ,the judges don't mind and the crowds are always drawn to this class as they discuss upgrading to having a new age
Yes they are a rare sight on the roads and this is the biggest Subaru show in the Uk to see all the hatches assembled in one display


Yes another major change at the NBO 10 ##
Judges Rest period and discussion of what lies ahead

Also this year we are going to draw the raffle as we feel as a committee thata few people have left the show early so we want to go for the captive audience when the show field is packed out
We also have some top donated goods to raffle so we want to maximise on people still at the show
It also will gave our admin staff time to count the many thousands raised in time for the cheque presentation at 3pm


Best Classic and legacy ,Forrester and any other Subaru ,justy ,pickup or Sv .
With the early classics approaching 19 years old and the youngest 12 years old this class is how good and long lasting they are .Andy will be looking for clean and polished and overall condition and the other judges are looking at modifications and how well they are done
YES that's right all Classsics in the arena ,standard ,modified we want to see them all together in the ring ( mirrors under them ) we will be expecting 50-60 classics in the Arena to fight for the gold

Best new Age
This is always the biggest class in the arena so we leave it to the end
Bug eyes ,blob eyes or Hawk eyes we want to see them all in the Arena
We are expecting again 50-60 in the arena modified to the extreme ,some just tastefully modified and some just nice and shiney hoping to catch the judges attention

----------------------------------------------------------------------- #
You will notice we have made quite a few changes to the car of the day competition this year loosing the best hifi and modified classic ,shiney new age ,modified new age and same for the classics .lots of thought has gone into simplifying the classes of non subaru, new hatch .best classic and then best new age to gave the judges less classes although the same number of cars and to avoid confusion on number of modifications and is mine shiney or modified .
Its simple and easy to understand and will be fantastic as always #

The final line up of the winners

4 runners up and 4 winners from each section compete for the

Car of the day ##

You will see 8 of the finest cars in the UK parked up together ##

Awards ceremony starts

310 pm
Lordys special awards
prizegiving for all the cars
club of the day comp trophies

charity cheque will be presented to the firemans charity for this year
Also a group photo of the NBO ten year cheque total of what we have raised over the last ten years
Will be break the magic 50k ??
We are also looking for those of you who have attended every NBO or prehaps nine of them for a group photograph this should be an exclusive group of maybe a dozen or so for a NBO celebration of our last great ten years .

that is the plan hopefully we will try to keep to these times but that is the running order for the day

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Hi Guys
As always we appreciate feedback good or bad about the event to improve on the future


Traders ( we have given up after ten years trying to attract new ones )

Club stand self judging

Car of the day competiton

Auction /Raffle

Fundraising activities

Any other things

If you want to get something off your chest your welcome to PM me as I know saying anything negative on a public forum about the NBO can cause war of words with so many people enjoying the show .
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