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I'm very VERY late in putting this thread up :eek: so I could do with an indication of numbers as soon as possible please. :smthumbup

A lot of you will already know about the event which is a charity fund raiser, organised by the Subaru clubs, that we gate crash so that there are some decent cars there :D

It's a flat rate of £8 minimum per car to get in to the display area
It is held in the grounds of Light water valley theme park LINK TO DIRECTIONS
Postcode for your sat nav is HG4 3HT.

In the past we've had over 50 cars attend, putting on a great show of :mitsi: strength! We've taken awards in the show and shine too (just to rub their noses in it! :lol:)
People are welcome from all areas and we usually organise convoys to suit.

There will probably be discounted entry into the theme park as per previous years, so bring the kids!

Bring your own food and bbqs - it's the easiest way :smthumbup

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Hi guys full details here as Friday is deadline for club registration and if Chris can get pledges for say minimum 15 cars we can allocate a separate 'EVO corner ' for you all as we draw up the plans at the weekend for the layout of the field
All info on there and link to the website and fb pages with lots of photos on

That's the link for the club stand registration and Chris can liaise with me on this one

If you can follow the details when preparing your list
Eg name year model and how far you travel to the event this year as that information is important to us as we come to the tenth NBO in our original ten year vision and then we can use the mileage to decide if we ever wanted to hold another NBO or move the event to another location in the uk

It would be great to have the EVOs here for the 5th year again as it helps us raise a few hundred more for our charity's which is just over 44k since we started the vison
Hopefully see you there but we need 15 pledges before Friday then we can allocate a section of you on the field then expand it if more of you attend as long as your names on a list so we can make space as trying to for 350/400 cars in a field in less then an hour is a logistics nightmare for our marshalls

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This year the money that is raised at the NBO is going to The Fire Fighters Charity. The UK's leading provider of services that enhance quality of life for serving and retired fire fighters, fire personnel and their families. Their vision is to make a positive difference by supporting people in the fire and rescue community when they are in need.
Trev is our new charity coordinator for NBO 10
I'm really excited about our new charity for this year the firefighters will be in attendance and they will be helping us man the arena ,sell raffle tickets and gave talks on the good work they do

We also have a special NBO 10 sovernere available
We only have 400 of them as part of our celebration of the NBO 10

I'm also looking for a few people that have been to all ten NBO s
The Evos have been around as long as me so i would imaginge there might of been a couple of you who have done all ten ?

If so let me know as I want a special group photo done of everyone who has done all ten

Details coming out shortly on this along with the new classes for judgeing after valued comments made last year and a new style club stand judgeing

Yes it will be officially announced soon but I want one of the EVO members along with a representative of each club to judge the stands but don't worry full training will be given !!!
Really excited about these new things that's coming through after Sunday's meeting to make the best NBO ever to celebrate our tenth year
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