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North west in week meet soon

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Hey Manchester and surrounding area people. Anyone fancy getting together at maybe the muscrat manour place when its next on?

If anyone is intrested I shall find out when its next on. :D

Failing that, I hear Mcd's car park is 'rinsin' on a tuesday night? ;) :lol:
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Mascrat is the second MONDAY in the month it is a SXOC meet as far as I am aware ;)

Here's the link to the MEET

Heather you coming along, might make The Wiggin Tree soon as I have changed jobs, be nice to meet some new faces, not made it to Wiggin Tree yet, even though I've had the Mak nearly a year and a half now :rolleyes:

P.S Rob it's the same one :D getting busy now :cool:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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