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i would like to nominate LIGHTSPEED as technical advisor/moderator

i suppose ,reluctantly,we should have some kind of vote,...............which i will try to rig !

democratically yours ,as aways


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Wheres this come from ?
I have had no incling that a vote should be passed on anything concerning who does what and what does who on the forum.
There i s already places in force to suggest E1-3 techies and E4-7 techies thats what I read in the front inside cover of the mag.
This will supposidely be gospel.I respect light speed on his Turbo knowledge and read his posts with interest ,how ever ,i feel nominating those to be selected to whose opinion is gospel to be getting alittle forth right to say the least.Lightspeed is not arguementative ,but this forum is of open debate and not a closed circuit.It take the #### of liberty,As we have found with tuners there is more than one route to go.
i feel that moderating techie knowledge stabs those in the back that may have a valid oppinion .I am fked off with who it is to tell me who is right or wrong I will make my own decisions who I feel I will listen to.
Personally i feel this will allienate those who wish to express their own knowledge.
not for me I am afraid ,too fkin dictorial.

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Shorty,who pulled your chain Im sure Mouton was just showing respect to Lightspeeds obvious sound in deph knowledge and his suggestion was very tongue in cheek.

I didnt feel it was to be taken that seriously ,and Mouton does tend to draw people in ,and with you he achieved it.

I like the forum and fortunately I have now achieved some knowledge so it is easier for me to tell the difference between good and bad advice,but when I was a newcomer I was guided in the wrong direction on many occassions by people giving advice on what they had read and not on well informed personal experience and knowledge.I personally would like to see Technical advice given by (A technical Advisor)who has the knowledge to be formally posted on every technical thread ,along with all other contributions to give more of a balance.It would also be good to have a Frequently asked queations page as many of the subjects keep repeating themselves.

Im sure many will take this post out of context,read my motives wrong,and get very upset but my only agenda is seeing the technical input of this forum improve.

The people who's advice I respect are many but this is just an example,


Kind Regards Barry:)

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a FAQ section is definitely needed guys.

something that lists all the differences between the models in detail would be very good :)


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I must say I didn't take this thread seriously and just saw it as a bit of a laugh (no offence intended to anyone by that).
Anyway the way I see it is:

a) If someone wants to be a moderator then its not up to someone else to nominate them, if Lightspeed wants to be a moderator then its up to him to come forward and offer his services and then we would make sure he knew what he was letting himself in for.
b) Moderators have to be a member of the MLR (I have no idea if Lightspeed is or isn't).

Technical Advisor
There are no technical advisors on this forum, just people giving their opinions on subjects posted. Sure there are a few people who are more knowledgeable than others so their opinions are more respected but even so you should never just take one persons word as gospel as that can be extremely dangerous!

An FAQ page(s) will be on the way soon (start of the year hopefully). I have a few weeks off soon so I can get to crack on and finish it. Oh yeah and I will have to get it reviewed by my own technical advisors ;)

Just in case you do want to be a moderator and are a member of the MLR then please contact Darin and he will sort you out ;).

Personally I find Moutons posting ironic.

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shorty,you should know me better by now
this post could have been titled EVOBOY

i have a love / hate relationship with the **** chap

sounds like its created some good points though.........thankfully

i can see me being expelled for the first time since i .......was expelled from school

maybe i should write HUMOUR ALERT somewhere in the text

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We all get days that jerk us off i had one.Some pillock trying to explain to me how who I should use and not use in my shop ,he got a boot straight up his arse.
One of my more serious days ,yep I do get them dispite my friendly ,smiley face, hair combed with a parting appearance .
Despite all I also would appreciate a FAQ page ,I dare say Dominic is on the case.
I very rarely get upset about things ,third world hunger occasionally when I'm shoving an 8oz stake down my gullet .and war zones when I have just shot a pigeon with the step fathers shot gun.
But moderating is one that makes me hold my bollx as talking about vasectimies do .
Lightspeed is very knowledgeable as i pointed out ,but moderating at the moment is a swear word.
All for more informative sections of techie land .
I've had the weekend to calm down now.
Mouton no more moderating jokes:D my key board was red hot last week.

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I was having a very bad day trouble!!!!!!!!
till I read this post - I'm touched.

When I get my new computer at Xmas and a fast connection I'll put my request to Darin.

BTW I am an MLR member - one of the founding members I guess. I don't even own an evo (just a 1991 VR4 and an A176) at the moment but my interest in Mitsi turbos goes back years. I have learned the hard way and I am willing to share any knowledge with everyone here.

Later, Al.
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