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When I start my EVO 6 from cold, the lifters are noisy although after a couple of minutes they quieten down. Don't think this happened when I first got the car 2 months ago. Have checked the oil level and it's okay. Last oil change was approx 2,5k miles ago and the car has covered 11k in total. Anyone have any ideas why?

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If this is the infamous tappet rattle then I think it was something to do with the oil supply to the lash adjusters (air bubbles?), or something similar.

Given I know sod all about these things (although I do have a good memory :)) Evoboy or HH6 (our resident technical guru's) would be better placed to comment.

Do a search for tappet rattle or lash adjuster, that might bring something up.

Hope that helps a little :D


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Do you park on a hill?

Or on the kerb?

What grade of oil are you using?

It's a common problem with Mitsibishi engines.

If it goes away don't worry about it.
Check that you are using 10W-?? grade oil - not 5w or 0W like Mobil 1.
The thinner oils tend to run out of the adjusters when the car is left standing - the air bubbles make it rattle. Parking on a slope seems to make it more likely as more oil tends to run out of the head back to the sump.

Quick fix is to slowly rev the car to around 3000rpm - pumps more oil around the engine and clears out the bubbles.

if the noise is more persistant or gets louder then get the lifters cleaned or replaced. Sometimes one will fail ( not very often but it has been known on older Mitsis. ) and will not hold any oil pressure.

A company in the states is now making solid adjustable 4G63 lifters - expensive and higher maintenance but solve the problem forever.

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Derek - couldn't find any threads using the suggested searches but thanks anyway

Lightspeed - the car is parked level (i.e. no hill or kerb). Not too sure which oil has been used, the last change was done by a Ralliart dealer - do you know what they use? Seems like it happens more when the car is not used for a couple of days, wondered if the cold waether had any thing to do with it also.

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I have got exactly the same problem. Bought the car with 9k and had a service done immediately. Within another 1000 miles it started rattling when starting up cold! It doesn't always do it, but definately didn't do it before having it serviced.
Speaking to RC they say the Oil filter or oil is the culprit for causing this. I've been running Mobil 1 15/40 and have found that the filter changed by my Mitsi dealer is not the proper VI filter. The code should be 356000 and my one is 3508 or something. Apparently the filters do differ and this is the main cause which restricts the initial flow. I too park on a flat surface, but the car doesn't get used daily, sometimes only weekends!


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I love cut and amp; paste ;)

Noisy Tappets
Cars affected:
All hydraulic tappet cars (Lancer 1800 RS/GSR, Evo 1-7)
Loud 'ticking' noise from the top of the engine after starting from cold. Rises with engine revs however it should go away.
Problem and cure:
The 'ticking' noise is most often caused by air being trapped in the Lash Adjusters of the hydraulic tappets. The air is compressed in the high pressure chamber of the Lash Adjuster and therefore the adjuster does not take up the clearance between the tappet roller arm and the cam lobe correctly when the valve is opening. It may take a short period for the air to be expelled after starting the engine so some 'ticking' is acceptable, however if the noise lasts for a long period or doesn't go away at all then there maybe a problem.
Air can be trapped in the adjuster due to several reasons that are listed below:
Incorrect grade of oil used (too thin or thick).
Old oil (debris in the oil may block an adjuster).
If the car is stood for a long period or if it is stood on an incline (the oil will drain from the adjusters).
Over filling the engine with oil (if the oil level reaches the crank it may churn air into the oil that will migrate to the lash adjusters).
If the tappet noise does not disappear soon after start up (5-10 seconds) then try some mild racing of the engine. Gradually increase the engine speed to 3000rpm (over 30 seconds) and then gradually decrease it back to idle (again over 30 seconds). Repeat this roughly 10 times. If the tappet noise disappears then the air has been expelled from the Lash Adjusters and they are working normally again. It is worth checking your oil level and condition as that maybe the cause of the air entering the Lash Adjusters in the first place. Change your oil if in doubt. Make sure you use the correct grade of oil as going too thick or thin can make matters worse. Mitsubishi quote 10W30, it is not recommended to use 0W or 5W rated oil. If an oil change makes no difference then the adjusters maybe blocked or damaged and will require cleaning or possible replacement. This can be done by a competent home mechanic or if in doubt consult your servicing agent.
Approximate cost of repair:
Oil change |EQU| £30-£50
New Lash Adjusters are approximately £18-£20 each inclusive (fitting approx. 2-4 hours depending on the number to replace).

Good point about the oil filter though, I have heard it mentioned before with the earily Evo's (1-3). I didn't realise there was more than one filter for the E6 or a confusion over what one to use? Obviously there is.
I will add that to my list.

Anyone know the correct part numbers for the oil filters on all the Evo's? (my E6 has been fitted with MD322508 every service for the last 18 months)

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Very interesting as Co-ordsport only list MD356000 as the one for the E4-7 and Galant VR-4 (the one Steve mentioned).

Can anyone tell me the difference between the two (apart from the price).

Hmmm....Oil Filter survey required?

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Bit of a concern about the oil filter. I thought that it would be important for an engine that hasn't been run for a period of time to have an unrestricted flow of oil on start up.

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Why does it list the MD356000 for the E4-7 and the MD322508 for the E1-7 on the Co-ordsport site?
Anyone know? Whats the difference?
The E7 has the same engine as the E4-6 apart from very minor changes so why is there a different oil filter for the E7?
If the E7 filter is better then you can fit it to an E4-6 surely?

Sorry too many questions ;)

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If I get tappet noise for more than a couple of seconds or so at cold start up I just turn the engine off and restart immediately. The tappet noise will not reappear and I don't get on/off reoccurrance of the noise while driving the car. I started doing this after the last oil change - using Mobil 1 5w-50 as I always have. I might add that this turning off and on again of the engine probably only occrurs about once every week or two, if that. I have no idea why this works, any ideas????

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Mitsi gave me MD360935 for an EVO 1 for a service earlier this year after checking against chassis no (No problems until it had covered another 5k. I'm running a FRAM PH5343 for the latest service with no rattle problems :).

Both filters had the non return valves fitted.

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I have this problem, but my tappet noise comes and goes when the engine is warm.. It never goes away, it sorta comes in intervals.. On/off sorta thing.. Will this be doing damage to my engine?

When i went to RC they said my mitsi dealer had put a FTO oil filter on my evo, I took it back to my local mitsi dealer and they replaced it with a proper one.. So called experts? lol !

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Djack, did the new filter cure the tappet noise? I have just noticed that mine still makes a noise even when the engine is warm. Will have a look at the filter tomorrow.

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In the majority of cases the only way to cure lifter noise (assuming there is oil in the engine!) is to change them!!! In general E4, E5, E6 and amp; E7's engines run on Castrol Magnatec and Mobil 1 Motorsport oils seem far less susceptible to lifter noise than those run on thinner grades.

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Change your filter! I have been looking around the web at oil filter reviews (sad git I know ;)) and FRAM is considered one of the worst filters out there (alegedly). I strongly suggest you get a different brand filter ASAP (Mitsubishi or Champion).
Have a look here for a review of oil filters but there are several other places that have slated the FRAM.
There are only about 4 or 5 major oil filter manufacturers out there with Champion being one of the largest. Champion filters are considered to be very good (thats Champion Labs Inc. and NOT Champion Spark Plug Company Ltd.). Champion Labs make filters for over 100 third party companies (Motorcraft, Bosche, AC Delco, Mobil 1 etc.) and some car manufacturer OEM items (GM for one).
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