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Hi guys i have owned my evo iv for 3 days and whn i got it i immediately changed the exhaust for a quieter one because i didnt like the very loud systme that was fitted to the car.I found it a little better but not a huge amount.I have since noticed that the car has been removed for a decat pipe hence the reason my cat warning light is on the dash. If i was to refit a cat would it reduce exhaust noise even further ?. I am not too worried about the loss in performance as a standard car is more than enough in my opinion. I rather have the quieter car.That said i dont want to cause problems with the running of the car as it has a few slight mods such as HKS filter, dump valve, exhaust obviously, uprated intercooler etc.

Are Evo's generally loud and raw ?. I was driving my bro's scooby and it was very quiet and mild mannered !!


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