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Dont now weather to fit my nitrous kit to my Tommi.
Anybody had any dealings with it?

Its off my old drag car. Only 6 moths old wondered wheather to sell it?
Done a search for it but results are poor.



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You can set it up like an ANTI LAGG system.. Nitros kicks in at low revs, then cuts off and then TURBO kicks.. But I dont know the technical jargon behind it all. :)

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Nitrous on a turbo is tantamount to raising the boost... more oxygen in the mix to burn fuel with. Including the raising of intake pressure, extra force on the pistons etc. etc.

Given what I've heard and learnt over the last few months, the only use I can see for nitrous in a turbo engine is low end revs to spool a high capacity turbo up quicker to help eliminate lag (ie extra exhaust mass at pre-spool). That or button for extra boost if your setup doesn't include variable boost settings from the cabin.

If you want to try it, fair enough, just make sure the engine is mechanically capable of withstanding the extra stresses, or it may go bang. :(

From memory, Justin (Yellow5) has nitrous fitted to his Supra?, he may have a more comprehensive knowledge of the pro's and cons of fitting no2 to turbo cars.


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I have NOS on my FTO and am putting it on the Supra too.

The FTO is GUTLESS at low to mid revs, the 50bhp shot of gas
transforms the car.

The Supra has two massive turbos (HKS 2835's) that dont make
useful boost until 5000revs, the nitrous will be used as anti-lag
and should work very well.

As for the evo, it already has almost 350bhp and ultra low lag,
so I have no intentions of fitting nitrous; IMHO the car doesnt need

Nitrous is great if used with total respect, any detonation at all whilst
on nitrous will melt a piston instantly; ideally a mappable ECU and rolling road
set-up is needed , re-tarding ignition 1 degree for every 25bhp of gas.

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