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Well this weather is peeing me off ,can't get a good drive no where,nearly lost it around a round about last night taking it close to the centre ,black ice, the car behind had to slow pretty quick as my front end gave way and then the rear .managed to straighten the beloved,bit heart wrenching though.
Any one had a dicey moment during the cold spell?

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Coming around one of my favourite tight left handers a couple of weeks ago I put the power down and the car went nowhere except sideways. I was heading straight into the kerb the other side of the road, but in true rally style the car gripped at the last moment and pulled itself out of it. Thought I was going to kerb it hard for sure, needless to say I slowed down after that. I can't believe how greasy the roads have been this winter, even in an Evo there is no grip!

Take it easy out there!!


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I had a little 'moment' yesterday...
Approaching a roundabout on a nice and icey little road and about to pull out when a mad b****** comes flying along from the LEFT and decides he's going to carry straight on over the roundabout.
So its on with the brakes, back end goes loose, front end slides and still not stopping. Eventually I ended up sideways on to the roundabout to get the car to stop. And luckilly I managed to avoid all of the kerbs.


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good job su wasnt driving mate, she would hit all of the kerbs :) (ps. dont tell her i said that)

happy new year.....lee

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I was out on sunday going way to fast for the conditions on one of my favarate mountain roads (with a foot of snow )and i lost the back end got it back but it snapped back the other way and spun me 180 and i went straght in to a ditch !

no problem though no damage just put her in 4wd and reversed out and caried on geting the back out on every corner (even the straights )
OH nearly forgot i wasent in the lancer (not left the shed since the snow last week )i was out in my landrover .(which i have now broke , front prop distroyed its self )

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two weeks ago, right hander on a nice twisty country road, lost the back end correct it but snapped the other way and ended up 180 degrees but thank god there was no traffic. it was scary, i have not hit anything but it was a very close call,

forgot to mention that the car was only 10days old at the time and not even run in yet :( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lost all confidence now, probably will take a while to get it back again

evo 7

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This bloody weather seems to catch all sorts of motors out including ours.
I ve taken it easy most of the xmas,keeping away from near side and outside edges and the black Ice.
Will be glad to see tha back of the cold spell.
Glad to see im not the only one that the weather slows down:)
Sam ell.
If I had an E7 I wouldn't drive it fast for 2 years untill I got used to it .good to see that even with a new car you can give it some :D
Dave,close call the other side of the road,some times miss lucky is on our side,makes your heart pound a bit though.
which one of you was the mad bastrd :D,horrible feeling with out any control at all of the car,had an incident in a cavalier on a round about once ,just let go of the steeering with the foot planted on the brake,let the car find its own bearings,touch wood missed everything,looked a right **** though ,the fog hid most of my embarresment.

Ive got one.
Its great to be able to play in the snow,build yourself a snowman and broad side the landrover into it.
did this with a old hilman minx on Bristols clifton downs ,but the snow man was an oak tree in disquise.
great fun.:)
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