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Right - here we go.

1) Big turbo next - am going for the Trust/Greddy TD67-25g. Chose this over the Trust/Greddy TD06-20g as I don't think there is much difference in lag (same size compressor housing) but ultimate power is different. Should be good for 500bhp this one (has produced 600bhp with the Tomei 2.2 conversion).

2) Bigger injectors (probably around 800cc) and new fuel pressure regulator.

3) Rear brake ducts (oh yes, to cool my 4 pot AP's! Very cool mod this one). Even bigger front brake ducts.

4) Uprated front/rear adjustable CUSCO anti-roll bars and lower strut brace

5) Latest Ralliart front diff and uprated center diff (S2 kit).

6) Monster carbon boot, bonnet and new rear aerofoil

7) Rear pillowball top mounts and solid bushing.

8) Automatic lap timing, track mapping etc.

9) Front splitter (Ralliart germany if they ever tell me how to get one).

10) Lighter propshafts etc, if Evoboy will ever tell me who sells those!

11) Bigger balls ('cos I will need them to drive this) :D

Any comments (apart from those about my sanity!)


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Oh, forgot, although I have upgraded to a bigger intercooler, will get a REALLY big intercooler probably too (as big as one can fit into that space :D )

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Yr so impatient dude ! :)

Will have the info this week on virtually all the parts u asked about , hope yr cheque book is ready M8.

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Evoboy, the cheque book is sizzling a hole in my pocket! Let me know asap, as I want to order 'em pronto!

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Just for your info, Pheonix's Power in Japan have a highly modified E6 which runs the TD67-25G kit with the same manifold as me and wastgate. It also has a 2.2 stroker kit among other mods.

It is quoted as having around 480ps at 1.4 bar boost.

Thing is, as you know, my car starts boosting at 2700rpm and hits max boost by 3500rpm, since the TD67-25G is 2 stages up from the TD06-20G I would expect the turbo to start boosting around 3000rpm and hit full boost by 3800rpm ish. (These are estimates)

I've seen the pics of the Pheonix's Power car and the turbo does look bigger than mine but not much bigger. Even the JUN Evo runs a TD-06-25G and claim 600ps from 1.9bar. So overall, I think you've made a good choice and you should be able to break the 500bhp barrier if you're willing to run the turbo at big boost.

Look forward to hearing more !!


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Never do anything by halves do you – but we all knew that anyway!!!

Looks like you are going for the Jun Super Lemon Evo 5 specification then!
A good choice of turbo for ultimate evo power. Any bigger and it’s drag only.

I can’t find compressor maps for the 25g – but from what I can find it will flow around
15% more than the 20g. – good for 600hp. Will require at least 850cc/min injectors at
these kind of outputs. The Greddy 25g appears to have the same turbine section and
housing as their 20g so spool up times should be similar although the larger compressor
will probably take 500rpm ish extra to get pumping properly.

Mild anti-lag might benefit. I say mild because stainless welded manifolds are notorious
for cracking and agressive. Anti lag is also hard on turbines.

I think your gearbox might start to suffer a little! Dog box next?

If you want Jun style HP (600hp 1.84bar boost)) the inlet manifold will require extensive
gas flowing (extrude hone?) or replacement (custom fabricated big plenum/ bigger throttle?).
Don’t forget that Jun use the stroker kit for 2.2 litres so you will be 10% down on power
if you don’t increase the capacity too.

Alternative is Bozz Speed manifold and HKS GT turbo. Ball bearings will spool it faster than
Greddy turbo. Downside could be availability????
Other option is to get someone custom tig weld you a manifold and source your own turbo and
wastegate. The Garret Ballistic Series have ball bearings straight from the factory – very nice
and a wide range of sizes – also upgradeable compressor wheels.

Did I send you my HP estimator spreadsheet???

BTW – I might be intersested in your old injectors/turbo/manifold if you go for it.


PS. Can't help you with the bigger balls unless.......
- stop using them for a few months they might swell a bit.
Or hit them with a hammer?
Or get one of those Austin Powers Swedish expander thingies.

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Lightspeed, availability of the HKS stuff is a nightmare, and getting a manifold made is just too experimental. Mild anti-lag is on the menu, as PE have almost got the standard ECU doing that - otherwise Motec is on the menu!

As for the gearbox - you had to open your mouth! No sooner than 10 seconds after reading your post, PE rang me to say my gearbox is whining, and the swarf on the drain plug is getting silly now.

Yes, it is on it's way out! Solution - Ralliart Dog Box, say goodbye to £7500 |PLS| VAT.

Ouch - turbo may have to wait now :(

Can't think of any other Dog Box solution, can you?? The Ralliart one is the standard casing with a Hewland gearset, and RS ratios (nice for me). While it is out, I will get the latest LSD put in too, and uprate the centre diff as well - bye bye another £1600 |PLS| VAT.

**** - this is getting (even more) expensive! My wife is going to have my knackers. The gearbox should be ok for Monday at Donnington, but say goodbye after that!

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What is the prognosis of your gearbox problem, have PE any idea what it is. The reason I am asking is that my gearbox is whining like a ******* and the last time I changed the oil, about 2 months ago, there was a Christmas tree on the mag plug! I have to say it sounds like diff bearings, but the general consensus on this board is gearbox whine|EQU|knackered input shaft bearing.


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Whining too - either the shaft or the final drive. Same noise in every gear.

Prognosis is It is shagged, you have abused it - it can't take the abuse and the power .

Oops - need a new one :D

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Lightspeed, I don't want to go for stroking as for my application keeping the engine as square as possible is best. The long stroke of the stroker kits won't be good for high revving (and neither will the removal of the balancer shafts).

Do I think I should maybe then go for the smaller TD06-20G? And if so, what kind of outputs could I get from this? I would be happy with 450bhp/400lbft, really happy with 500bhp/450lbft. Don't really want or need more than that.
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