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Hey Guys and Girls

My name is Jordan and I'm from Down Under lol.

I recently was lucky enough to purchase a VI Tarmac rally car with some decent goodies on her.
I have been head down bum up into tidying it up and giving the car a refresh.
I have stripped the inside to give it a fresh coat of Scotia!

In the process of tidying up things and going over some areas. I noticed the spoiler has some rust stains around it. So i removed it ( Easier said than done! As at some point, it had already been removed and siliconed back on! Breaking the silicone apart without breaking the spoiler or destroying the boost was a challenge i can assure you!!)

Anyhow .....I got it off only to realise the inner brackets are shot.

I'm looking for some inner spoiler brackets as mine have rusted. I'm new to EVO life and realise from searching that this is a very common problem. This has led me here LOL

Is anyone out there making them? I assume new ones are long gone ?

Any secondhand good ones around ?

I wasn't sure where to post this. I assume for sale / wanted... but as im new. I thought id start here first


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