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hi folks, just bought my first evo, 94 evo 2, its a fresh import and collect it from the dealer in 10 days time, would be greatful if any of you guys could answer a few questions for me,

1. whats the standard bhp of an evo 2

2. what kind of mileage does the timing belt get done, mines on 51k miles

3. also how often do you change gearbox, diff etc oils

4. any advice on what to look out for on these cars would be greatfully appreciated

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1. standard bhp = 256 at the flywheel
2. change all belts, fluids straight away...
3. log miles from above & service every 4500miles
4. bit difficult as you've already bought it
....get the belts etc done and see how it drives
has the seller got any history for the car ?

best to join the MLR ...not just forums
otherwise you'll be restricted to 20 posts and only certain areas on here
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