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Newbie Brake Question

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Doesn anyone know the size of the discs for the Evo 1,2 or 3

I need to know the diameter, the width, and the bell size and depth.

Go on - help a newbie
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come on folks - someone must know

or show me where to look
there 276mm diameter,

thats all i can remember
thanks for the reply but need a bit more info than that.

Does anyone have a set of discs they no longer need? (ie upgraded to brembo's or the like, and have a set of disc shaped paper weights) Ideally in the manchester area

try to phone your local partco they have all the specs do you have the discs or are you looking to get some
i could do with a set of actual disks to try, as they are to go on a nissan primera
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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