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I have been informed by a reliable source that there is a new strain of virus on the rampage called W32/Goner-A
W32/Goner-A arrives as an email attachment with the following characeteristics:

Subject: Hi

Message text:
How are you ?
When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought
about you
I am in a harry, I promise you will love it!

Attached filename: GONE.SCR

Delete and do not open attachment!


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Yes, I received it yesterday but didn't open it. It had the underscore (_) again before the address that it was sent from, which give me a clue!


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Our IT department at work issued a general warning this morning although they have now updated the Anti-virus software to cope. It does seem a nasty one, quote from McAfee:

Goner has a DESTRUCTIVE PAYLOAD. When the attachment is opened, it will look for a variety of anti-virus, firewall and other security programs and attempt to delete them, along with ALL FILES in the same directory. This worm will also place a trojan, REMOTE32.INI, on the system, which contains instructions to attempt Denial-of-Service attacks on other IRC users.

Details of the message and attachment have been mentioned above.
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