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Hi Guys,
We are pleased to announce that GB Enterprises are one of the very first companies in the UK to be stocking and assembling the BMRS Pro-Gold Hose System.
Until now it was only Brown and Miller (who make the hose itself) and Think Automotive that were able to assemble and swage the ULTRA Light Pro-Gold System.

We have invested a good amount in the appropriate machinery and tooling to enable these amazing hoses to be assembled.

ProGold Hose
ProGold is the only performance racing hose system available that has been engineered entirely to be the lowest possible weight while exceeding virtually every operating condition seen on a racecar: Pressure, Temperature, Vacuum, Flexibility, Physical Abuse, Etc.

Safe and reliable, the inner hose is made of PTFE- a material unequalled for its high temperature performance and total fluid compatibility. Our unique convoluting method ensures maximum flexibility with unrivalled minimum bend radius figures with no variation in performance at high or low temperature and at high pressure or extreme vacuum. Convoluted hose also has the additional benefit of resisting collapse and flow restriction when pulled through tight bend radii.

ProGold convoluted hose is available in sizes -6 to -20 with a choice of Stainless Steel, Nomex or Polyester braid. A static dissipating liner is standard on all ProGold hose. Applications include fuel, oil, water and air systems.

ProGold Fittings
Recognized as the industry standard, ProGold fittings are offered in both crimp type and reusable. For the ultimate in weight savings we recommend ProGold AC Crimp fittings. When the convenience of self-assembly is required, we recommend the easy to assemble ProGold AR Reusable fitting system.
The most amazing thing is unlike other hose systems you can mix Crimped and Re-useable fittings on one hose!

All ProGold fittings are a one-piece swept bend design with no welded, brazed or glued joints. The constant internal radius has no necked down restriction or abrupt change in angle that can increase pressure drop or obstruct flow.

We still use, and recommend, the SpeedFlow hoses and fittings for a mid-priced re-useable system.
As you can see in this picture there is a 13g difference in ONE 90 degree fitting between Speedflow and ProGold!

If you have 3m of -10 hose with 2x 90deg -10 AN fittings:
Speedflow with 100 Series polymer braided hose would be 856g
Pro-Gold with Polyester Braided hose would be 680g.
That's 185g or 22% saving.
Larger hoses have even MORE saving.
Over an entire set of oil or water hoses this would add up to a good amount!

Hose specs:

Here are two types of hose we have crimped:


We are happy to quote you for manufacturing hoses for your Oil Cooler, Dry Sump, Water lines, Air hoses, etc.
We can supply pre-assembled crimped hoses, self-assemble hoses with reusable fittings or a combination of the two.

Fittings are available in LOTS of types, but examples being:
30deg bend
45deg bend
60deg bend
90deg bend
120deg bend
150deg bend
180deg bend
All available in -6AN, -8AN, -10AN, -12AN, -16AN.
Most available in -20AN+

Please contact us on [email protected] with your requirements.

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I've been using Pro-Gold AR stuff for years, bloody good stuff, and very reasonably priced, much better than Goodridge et al. :smthumbup
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