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Hi All
Part xing my 98 Scooby for a X reg/2000 Evo 6 this weekend. Have phoned all the usual suspects ref ins and the best is £1025 Norwich Union through Hill House Hammond. I was with NFU with the Scoob but they wont touch the EVO. I am 41 and live in POOLE. Any ideas?

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Have you tried the following:

AXA Insurance, through A-PLAN (0845 071 1234)
Bell Direct (0870 549 2200)
Tesco (0845 300 4400)
Direct Line (0845 246 8888) (Requires Tracker)

AXA Insured my modded 5 for £1.1k, Im 28yrs old :)

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I'm 31 and pay 800 with Bell Direct for my 6.

Got a quote from online for 650, might be worth a try.


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If your car is an import then a grand is a good price.
I am 27 full NCB living in Berkshire and pay £1200 with ncb protection.That is with A plan 08450711234
Alot of insurers won`t touch an import like Tesco,direct line,AA.
Barclays were offering to beat any price back in may don`t know if they are still doing that...

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Tesco and Direct line DO insure jap imports :)

For reference here are the figures they quoted:

A-PLAN £1150
Bell Direct £1490
Tesco £1420
Direct Line £1479

That with a modded 5, Full NC, Protected, 3 Speeding Points, Age 28 in Edinburgh.


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agree with all posts here. I'm with Axa through A plan at £850 full ncb in Somerset with class 1 business use on a TME. I found a plan very knowledgeable/helpful. BTW if you get Norwich union policy you will pay more but they cover race days and don't seem phased by mods.

You don't say if its a TME. If it is many people will consider it an import whether it is or not.

Have fun when you get it, the original 98 impreza is a good machine but the Evo is better IMO. Mid range torque on an Evo is awesome. Engine note is a bit souless on the Evo compared to Scoob but otherwise the're great.

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Thanks all. Got it down to £969 through A plan. A guy called Rob, very helpful. It's an x reg Ralliart GSR in a light blue sort of colour (dont know the name). Can't wait but will be sad to lose the Scoob.

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oil groon

R u sure A Plan cover track days. Im with A Plan and when i asked them to cover me 4 a track day they said no.

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Remember me piS$ing you off with getting insurance from abroad? I asked my insurance guy here a few days ago, he said you need to get your basic insurance (minimum legal requirement) in your home country but can get additional insurance from wherever you like in the EU. (I heard Spain is cheap).
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