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Hi Guys,
Apologies for the lack of posts recently...
We have been extremely busy constructing our bespoke purpose built dyno cell!
Last September we ordered what we considered to be the best rolling road on the Market - a Superflow AWD Linked Dyno. The front and rear rollers are physically linked, meaning any modern 2wd or 4wd car can be run without errors, and no damage to centre diffs.
Lead time on these, made to our spec, is 3 months approximately, plus shipping from the USA...

So we then set about building our cell.
Absolutely NO corners were cut in striving for perfection. Every minute detail was planned and executed to ensure we can cool the cell and get the gasses out, without the need for having to move fans about on wheels! Besides, our front cooling fan is so powerful it would blow itself over if it was not fixed down!
In total we have 3 fixed fans
15kw Cooling Fan (front)
7.5kw Extraction Fan (rear)
4.5kw Retarder Fan (this blows cool air specifically into the retarder, allowing us to hold back high power cars for longer.

The dyno itself is sunk into the floor, so no nasty ramps to drive up and over! Any car can simply be driven into the cell.

The cell itself is built from a unique soundproofing system, which means that the walls and ceiling are floating and isolated from the surrounding building. Net result is that you can stand outside with a car going flat out and have a conversation...

There are 3 screens showing data inside the cell and a 4th screen outside showing onlookers what is happening, plus CCTV cameras piped through to the waiting area so customers can see their pride and joy in action.

A FULL build blog will follow shortly when all the pics are collated etc, but in the meantime here are a couple of pics.

Dyno time is priced at £95+vat per hour, with block bookings available at discounted rates.
Power runs from £60+vat.
Dyno shootouts possible as well - we have 2 booked already in the next month.
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