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Hello All.
As a lock down project, I have written a new piece of software that is useful for Evo X owners !

The new program is called "EVO X TOOLBOX" and allows you to do do the following...
1) Read All ECU's codes (Work in progress).
2) Clear codes (Work in progress).
3) Read steering wheel position sensor data.
4) Read timing chain stretch and limits.
5) Reset timing chain learning data.
6) Force test AYC/ACD pump to run.
7) ACD bleeding.
8) AYC Left side bleeding.
9) AYC Right side bleeding.
10) ABS sensors live data reading (Work in progress).
11) ABS solenoids drive test. (Work in progress).
12) Heating and Air Con. Live data read (Work in progress).
13) Heating and Air Con. actuators test (Work in progress).

NOTE: The ACD/AYC functions do NOT require the engine running or the steering wheel to be turned to activate functions.
You can simply activate the test and do the bleeding.
The test will stop after 5 minutes but you must make sure you don't run out of oil in the rear tank !

As you can see from above list, some features are still work in progress.
This software is PC only and needs you to have a Tactrix cable or other equivalent "PASSTHRU" cable.
This will work on any version of windows that supports the type of "Passthru" cable you have.

At the moment, I am looking for people that are willing to try it and give me some feedback on its operation and maybe some suggestions for other features.
I have fully tested this on my own car but this tool simply emulates how a MUT3 factory tool would do the same things.

Requirements and use....
1) Will run on any PC running windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10.

2) You will need to have installed a Tactrix interface or other "PASSTHRU" equivalent device previously.
If you have already installed and used EcuFlash, EvoScan or ETACS Decoder then you have already done this.

3) Download the file using the link at the end of this post and copy to a new folder.
This program does not require any further installs of any libraries or rely upon any other frameworks.

4) Windows may complain this file is a security risk but it is perfectly safe to download.
You may virus scan it before you run it if you need to.
Most virus programs scan files before they run anyway.

5) This program does NOT collect any personal information at any time nor does it contain any adverts or payment requests.

6) The software is absolutely free to use but remains copyright of myself.

7) Please post on here how you get on with it.
Download link....

Any suggestions/comments etc... feel free to ask me :smthumbup

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Suggestion: Make it work for 7/8/9 also (I could never get Evoscan to work for AYC/ACD) :D
Evoscan never had proper AYC/ACD support and it doesnt even read the codes properly for it from my experience.

Its unlikely I will do the 7/8/9 as I only own an X and it takes a fair amount of time to get these things hacked :coolsm:

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Hey Guys,
Sorry for the delay but life sucks and I have been busy !

I have updated the above software and link that now allows the program to run without any kind of remote activation. I havent changed the functionality from the previous version so for all those who had problems getting it to run, this should sort that.

Enjoy :)
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