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M.E.Rallysport is please to be the first UK distributor of Revolutionary Proetective Solutions.

RPS have developed a range of products using new Nano particle technology for protecting surfaces from, water, oils, greases, mud and light scratches/fading, and in conjunction with M.E.Rallysport, have applied that knowledge to motorsport and the automotive market.

The Motorsport Guardcoat product is designed for use all over a vehicle, including glass and bodywork, producing a thin film after application that besides giving a stunning finish, acts to protect the surface from the above elements. The effect are as follows:

Water Repellant
Increased visibility through glass in poor conditions
Reduced water streaking and staining
Less need for chemicals to clean treated surfaces
Stops dirt sticking directly to surface and damaging paintwork - easy to clean
Long Life

In development tests, we treated one side of a car with the product, and left one side untreated. On a wet gravel rally stage, the treated side remained visibly cleaner than the untreated side, with less mud stuck to the sides of the car and the boot than could be found on the untreated side. In addition, when hosing off the car at the end, the treated side returned to a near polished finish almost immediately, whilst the untreated side required soap/sponge to agitate the dirt that had stuck.

On road vehicles, the same advantage can be seen in times of heavy rain and on dirty winter roads, where paintwork remains protected and repells much of the water and grive it is subject to.

Application is easy, with a polishing cloth to rub in the product initially, followed by a 15 min curing period before wiping clean the residue with the same cloth.

In a further development of the product, a much thicker solution of a similar base was produced, aimed at application to wheel arches, mud flaps and underneath a car to further prevent mud and dirt sticking to the car. This was inspired by the removal of 10Kgs of mud from the arches and underneath of the car following the test - a significant weight gain for a competiiton vehicle.

With the product applied at a subsequent test in similar conditions, that amount was reduced by 2/3.

Application takes a little longer, but is a 'one time' application. A small roller or paint brush is required, but still gives an invisible smooth finish, not to be mistaken for that of Shultz or Waxoil.

Both products can be purchased through M.E.Rallysport.

Supplied per litre

Motorsport Body Guardcoat £29.00 + VAT (20m2 Coverage)

Motorsport Under Body Guardcoat £37.00 + VAT (5m2 Coverage)

Body Guardcoat in Action!
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