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Hi all,
I've recently got a Lancer Evo I and I'm trying to find a few things out.
I've worked out the switch on the centre console for squirting water, but this has me puzzled:

On the dash there is a warning light I don't quite understand (Don't panic it doesn't flash whilst I'm driving)
It look s like a tube with heat coming off it. There is also a note (In Japanese) on the sunvisor refering to that symbol.
What is it?
I first guessed at water temprature (cos it looks like something hot), but I'm now leaning towards some kind fo turbo temprature or exhaust temprature warning light. Especially as I understand that a fault with fueling/turbo can be spotted by the exhaust gas getting above a certain temprature.
Anyone help at all...?
Thanks in advance

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As a long established (!) Evo 1 owner, I can happily answer your queries.

The button on the centre console is for the intercooler water spray bar. This is to keep the intake charge cooler. All the comics say this was introduced on later Evo's - shows what they know (just like they don't know the 1 has an ali bonnet).

The rally cars link across the ecu so that the spray bar is controlled automatically.

It draws water from the screen washer bottle.

Never had cause to use it meself.

As for the warning light - the two queries are related......It comes on when the intake air temperature is too high. The idea (I suppose) is that you then give your intercooler a bit of a squirt to cool it down.

I've done some pretty serious driving, and the light's never come on in my car...............

Hope this helps.

Email me if you need more info.

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Thats great, thanks very much.
I've had a hard time finding info (in English) on the Evo 1's
so if you have any owner tips I'd be grateful.
Things like Service intervals, best Oil, spark plugs etc.
I drive quite hard myself and have decided on 3000mile oil change's, but what about the rest of the stuff.

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You are wrong about the purpose of that warning light. The symbol depicts a hot catalytic convertor and comes on if your cat needs replacing. If you look at your cat (if you still have it) you will see that a small temperature sensor screws into it. If the cat degrades and gets plugged-up the air won't pass through it fast enough and the temperature will increase, setting off the warning light.

It has nothing to do with turbo intake temperatures or the intercooler. In fact if you look at any rcent cat equipped Japanese Domestic Market car you will see this warning symbol.

Wreckleford, '93 Evo 1

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Wow - another Evo 1 owner - welcome!

It shows that it doesn't pay to guess - I thought the orange warning light was just a nice picture of a sausage roll!

My experiences echo yours, Robs, and Wrecklefords. Never used the intercooler spray; monster guzzler ( I rarely get more than 20mpg, on SUL); fantastic Q car. I reckon most Evo 6 owners don't even know what it is, never mind Impreza 'drivers'.

Look forward to meeting you at a forthcoming Trackday ?


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Unfortunately I won't be attending the track day. See, I live in Jamaica
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