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Hi Guys,

I am in the process of *hopefully* buying a second hand Bozz Speed HKS GT3037S turbo kit. I have a question, the stainless steel manifold does not blend cylinders 1 and 4, 2 and 3. I know that the HKS Kansai manifold does do this. Can anyone tell me the reason behind this and what (if any) performance increases can achieved? Is it important or necessary?

Also, when I get the kit, I plan to bolt on the turbo, manifold, and external waste gate. I will then get a new dump pipe made and run a programmable ECU (maybe MoTeC). I will also put on an HKS Metal Head Gasket just in case. Now, can anyone estimate an approximate bhp @ wheels? At the moment my can has a 3 exhaust, filter and on 17psi runs [email protected] (seems kinda low!?).

What [email protected] should I be expecting? How much boost should I run? The only internals will be the HKS Metal Head Gasket. I don't want to run too much boost to have the car pinging and go BOOM! When will my fuel injectors hit near 100% duty cycle? Oh, I have an EVO 4 GSR.

Thanks guys.
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