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Hey folks,
I started a thread over on, but they've directed me over to you fine folks (and cautioned me strongly against an Evo V, because of parts supply issues in North America). I gather that you're mostly a European group, likely UK (lived in Leicester for a while, go Foxes). Canuck here, in need of some help.

So I'm looking at an Evo V with around 150k on the clock, to be used for HPDE days. I've played around lots over the years with domestics, NA and supercharged (mostly Mustangs and Vette's), but this is my first foray into JDM. Man, I am overwhelmed trying to learn. Lots of search function time, and lots of reading.

Right now I'm looking at one in Canada, imported last year. My questions are:

- Clutch.
I've been told the stock unit is slipping. This concerns me, even though they're giving me an Exedy replacement with the car. I'd prefer the OEM clutch. Can I order this at my local Mitsu dealer? How much?

- Steering wheel
is cracking (leather wrap coming off). I'm told this is a common problem. I want to have the airbag intact, but I'm having trouble finding a stock replacement, or an aftermarket wheel-only, which would allow the steering wheel's guts to be reinstalled. Thoughts?

- Door trim
is very worn, around the arm rest (driver's side). I've been able to look up part numbers using a fiche, and found some available in JPN. I don't want to drop that much repairing worn out door skins if it's not necessary. I see some glue on leather trim on eBay, not sure if this is a good alternative. Used? Not sure where to find them.

- Seats.
The Recaros are a great seat, I've used lots of their products over the years. The passenger front is fine, and the bolsters in the driver's front are intact. No rips or tears. What there is though, is a lot of frayed thread and a few cig burns. Have people had luck cleaning the Evo V seats, and repairing burn holes?

- Service and KM's
Lastly the car is high K. I know jack squat about this power train, and I need to know if it can handle some abuse on the track. The car is bone stock, and rust free.

- Parts
Really struggling with where I can find used/new OEM parts.

Thanks guys, looking forward to being schooled.

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Hi, welcome to the forum. There's a few Canadians on here so they might be able to help you better than me.

Clutch...if you're going to do any type of launching or racing the OEM and stage 1 Exedy wont be up to the job. If you're going to replace it then I'd upgrade.

Steering wheel....lots of owners here get there's flocked or just replace them.

Door cards.... Is it the cloth that's coming off? You could either glue it back on or remove it completely, some do that here and it looks ok.

Seats...Do you not have upholstery repairers near you? You can repair *** burns and replace bolsters but can be expensive, sometimes it can be cheaper just to replace it with a second hand seat.

Lots of overseas members buy off traders on here or buy stuff from the parts section of the forum. I've sent Evo 6 suspension to northern Canada before with no hassle.

As for the mileage, pretty high for me but it really depends how it was looked after in Japan. I'd be concerned with that mileage if I was going to have difficulty in sourcing parts.

Good luck bud in going jap, you won't regret it....awesome cars. :smthumbup
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