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Meeting at Beaulieu motor museum between 11.30am and 12.30 pm monday [bank holiday]
I'm not organising the route or the pub as Grog is doing this .
mail him of line to find out final location.
What time would you be able to get there?

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Depends how heavy my Sunday night is and what state I awake!

Have taken yours and Grogs mobiles and will ring you on route, if I'm going to be late.



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Well, as U may know my clutch went last Sunday and amp; was gonna get it done Friday but couldnt so doing it Monday... and amp; therefor missing the meet!

Oh well, Boxhill on the 7th...

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Hi folks,

How did the meet go? Can't believe I missed another biggy.

Hope you all had a good day, looking forward to seeing some photos ;).

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All went off well apart from traffic loads of it shame you missed this one. Good crowd plenty of photo's will be around as some had digital cameras,videos and instants.
Send me your mail address and I will keep you informed direct as to the forthcoming meets.This one wil get written up for the club mag,great blast through the forest area ,frightened the crap out of the sunday driver tourist 9 Evo's and a pretty sorted scoob oiking past in line ,at road legal speeds of coarse:D.

[email protected]

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Also Thought it went well, especially co-ordinated driving and even colour co-ordinated parking at Beaulieu!!!
Was nice to meet others but now need to get new exhaust as all you lot put mine to shame;(
But there again mine was yellow!!!!!!

Great respect to scooby driver (moe) for his lonesome parking!!

Looking forward to next meet whenever wherever

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Glad you enjoyed it ,thanks to grog for the route tour.Stud does look like his mug shot on the rouges gallery:D had his hair cuth though.
Thanks to all for a good day out and a good laugh.

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i'll forward all the shots i got...leave you to edit and stuff...

Great Meet ..

my first!:)

Good to see Evo lovers together.....even the scooby was good to see (Sorry dude forgot your name border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > check you out on Scoobynet!) ...


Thanks for the routes and the 'exciting' trip up;)......

my son Kyle loved it.......he's now a 'potential'!

i'm soooooooo glad my wonderful wife did not go.......she would not understand the need for speed......(bless her cotton socks;))

Cheers Paul for arranging things....

Stud Colie ( people that dont know me....[img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >)

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No problem stud,
I will post a pic of us all on the rougues gallery when I get them developed which should be about 2004 :)
Will have to get a digital camera soon .
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