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New Evo not ix

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Dont know if this is old news but read the other day
that mitsi will be putting the evo badge on another
car as well as the lancer, the car there using will be
the colt with all the lancer goodies, looks pretty cool
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thx1138 said:
I saw one of these at the last Melbourne Motorshow last month. They look pretty full-on for such a small car, but quite bubble like. It has a very high roof line.

Basically it had all teh Evo bits transferred across - brakes, bonnet, IC, engine, and supposed driveline. At the moment they don't look the business as much as the Evos.

Nice to drive around town in :D
Yes, but its just another concept car. If they only made all the concept cars into production cars, the world would have been a much better place.
auto xpress this week has pictures of evo X, colt evo & new impreza.
If it's anything like this cover, PhotoChop is getting a heavy workout....

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21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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