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Having just fitted a Blitz filter
, I now fancy getting a new downpipe and mid-section. Which section is best to replace first and should I go cat-free? Any recommendations as to which makes are best/loudest?! I already have a Ralliart b/b, which I would like to keep, so will the other bits;

a. fit the back box
b. release more power
c. make it louder?



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I have KAKIMOTO Front Pipe and HKS Hyper Muffler in my Evo - bought from UP Auto, it sounds amazing.... deep and goes brilliant as well !! I am going to put the KAKIMOTO racing cat in next year. Will let you know how it does when I have it fitted in.

Happy New Year

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U want noise , flames and power....right!!
My VI GSR has the following setup:-
Power Engineering front pipe , this is a quality item that also replaces the turbo outlet casting , giving better flow , it's fully stainless.
Blitz Nurspec full system , this currently has the straightest route under the car again giving better flow , sounds and looks are beyond words !!
However , one problem . The PE front pipe is designed to go with their own system , and the Blitz is designed to be compatible with factory system . An adaptor pipe is required which I patterned and had made up and welded to the blitz system.
It was worth it as soon as I heard the result on the dyno and saw half metre long flames ejecting from the tail pipe !!
Check out the web sites of the above and see for yourself.

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CK and Evoboy

Thanks for the replies - I think I'll give UPAuto a ring this week. I must admit, I fancy the Blitz system, especially with the removable filter in the back box. border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

If I do that though, I'll have to try and sell my Ralliart b/b. Anyone interested (very low bassy note, but not at all loud)?
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