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I was reading an artilce that Red Dot have developed massive 320x32mm brake disc's for the E5/E6,
THey come as follows-

Group N plain faced style at £126 pair or they have a choice of 6, 20 or 40 grooves priced at £170, £210 and £240 respectively.
They also have drilled and grooved style available and rear brake disc's.

They also have in conjunction with the grooved discs a rally-tested XF546 brake pads, 'guaranteed to smash your nose against the windscreen every time you even think of touching that brake pedal'. They are £79.00 per set.

Red Dot's number is 020 88882354 for anyone who wishes to try something different!!
You'll have to post back your views when you do try them!!:)
Hope this will be of interest to you Evo owners out there!!:D


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you must have changed pads on standard E4 calipers.

Please check out the thread 'new pads and discs'

not sure what to do...

Help me obi-wan kenobi..your my only hope....(sorry...could not resist it:D)



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Any body tried these yet? At the price they look interesting but not cheap if they need replacing more often?
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