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Hi there, only me:D,

No reason at the moment to change my discs or pads other than they like do-do, all rusty around the edges and the bit the wheels attached to (don't know the tech term).

would like a replacement set that look good (and obviosly do the job - just road work, no track at the mo), Preferably black, grooved and holed.

Any suggestions?

Another question,
the rear brake set have built in pads for the handbrake. i have not taken them apart yet or looked at the workshop manual but do these have to be touched when replacing the discs?

I've got an E4 with standard Brakes at the moment.



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The part that goes to the wheel with the holes in it is called the bell. Better discs have a separate bell, which means that the bell is a piece of metal (aluminium for example) with the disc bolted onto it. These have a double advantage: they reduce the chances of the discs warping because of the different heat conducting and play the two piece construction offers AND when they are used up, you just unbolt the disc from the bell, change the disc but keep the bell (cheaper).

The rust on the bell on part of the disc is normal.

The ultimate replacement would be Project Mu Carbon fiber discs (they are black as you requested ,)) and pads which can withstand 1300 C (you will be out of tyres and the wheels will melt before that probably :))
You could also try and get hold of a set of CTF discs, I know 5 people who run them with harsh pads and havent warped them. This is the only standard replacement that hasnt warped so far to my knowledge.

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Without going over the top (Claudius-me is on de budget mon), and remebering i'm not going to be doing many track days (but i do hear its addictive!:)), AND i don't drive that hard very often:(, i need to start getting prepared for my first track day:)D).

If i'm to replace my pads, at least, i need to run them in....
therefore Need to cahnge them now!

I need help boys...

Which pads?

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OK, I could answer that, but it would get ripped apart by the local Mintex fans, so I am not saying anything.

(Get Pagid RS14s!!!) :D

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i will be renewing my front disks on my E4 in a couple of weeks/days.

Standard calipers at present.

i'm going to go for the black disc's to get the look i'm after for my 4 but the only ones i can see that are readily available are the Black Diamond ones.

So if i get these shall i get grooved, drilled or combi? what are the benifits/pitfalls of these types?
Prefarebly the combi...but again..just because they are astheticlly pleasing to me.

will be going for the Pagid RS14 pads (cheers C;)..can't afford the other discs you mentioned:()...

Any more thoughts/comments?



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Dont know those, make your own decisions, big boy. border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Dont want to sound repetitive here...

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That's good to hear, bitch. I hope you meant your wife :D

Because the colour of those discs will last about 2-3 days! (it's on an excellent site by Sir Dave Wilson, who BTW has the most powerful FTO in the UK :) on in the Modifying section

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Cheesr C,

nice looking site!

Guess i've got no choice realy then....either way they are going to go shiny silver.
i thought that the metal was that colour right through!
You saved me the disappointment!;)

I'll have to keep looking...

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You do have a choice:
you can buy whatever discs, black diamond, dragon, groupN etc and warp them
or buy CTF and not warp them

You can get it right the first time or not, choice is yours.

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It's less expensive than buying 2 or 3 sets and warp and replace, and go there and pay labour etc.

Anyway, there's a thread by MichaelK on them on (a site you dont visit often enough appearently!

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Re:New Discs and Pads. Evo 4!!!

looked at the workshop manual in section for fornt brakes..can see no diagrams for my front caliper set up?!

Is this correct...
here are my E4 front calipers (Please ignore the botched painting attempted)

are they standared for an E4?

any advise on taking them apart just to cahnge the pads?



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Calipers and discs look standard, apart from being painted red. Although I dont remember the ducting you have behind your discs on my 4.

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