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Hello Guys,

I am sorry to bring this thread out of the grave, but I would like some input

My timing belt recently snapped causing a bit of a mess
I was running stock mostly with TOmei Poncams 260/260 10.7 and 10.2 lift, they got riuned by the rockers so I need new cams

I liked these cams because they keep a nice steady power curve and they are not that aggressive

I planned on replacing with the same cams, but I was seeking info on the GSC S1's and wanted to know more

With my poncams I made [email protected] 6100RPM and 306lb-ft-tq @4,650RPM
Could I push a little more with the GSC S1's?

I am running stock evo 5 turbo (TD05HR16G)

Thanks for your feedback
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