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I have managed to secure a club stand with 25 spaces for the north east motor show 09 @ the aberdeen exc con centre on the 31st may

more details on the event can be found here -

The North East Motor Show will be a "must" for all motor enthusiasts. Various exhibitors and competitions available for entry.
Competitions will include:
  • Best club award
  • Best Project
  • Best Show and Shine
  • Best Custom (car or bike)
  • Maddest engine
  • Best in show (Chosen from the winners of all comps)
  • Best Paint job
  • Best Classic (Classic cars/bikes will be split up into decades if necessary)
  • Best Burnout (possibly)
More Competitions will be announced at a later date.

I'm certain the best club award will be ours :mhihi:

If you fancy coming please add your name to the list-
  2. Willox X RS
  3. Prolekult VI T.m.e
  4. Smithy evo9 IX Fq320
  5. Mayhemmike V GSR
  6. Bjr24uk VII GSR
  7. Fulley VIII MR FQ300
  8. Couttsie VI RS
  9. Barbour IX FQ360
  10. J88hnb VII GSR
  11. H2 IX MR RS
  12. Gazzaman007 VIII 260
  13. Coxyiv IV GSR
  14. Snaponman VIII FQ
  15. Pau1evo8 VIII FQ
  16. Madmac V GSRS
  17. David Rae VI TME
  18. K500EVO III GSR
  19. Eddiekid123 VIII GSR
  20. Bazreeme
Reserve List (to replace anyone who backs out)
  1. .
  2. .

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Seeing as I'm going to be parked up with you polishers, anyone reccomend a decent power washer?

Mines just packed up the day!
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