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Need to ask you how to set the bump and rebound on the Ohlins that we seem to have in common.

The rear set have a pull up and twist top but have not fiddled as I don't know which way or if it does anything at all!

Fronts as you know are just capped with a greased nut underneath

I also need to get a new set of lowered springs that are softer than the ones i have...teeth filling shaker outers at the mo...wife’s expecting and says she wants to go out in the Evo at least at weekends (got to get her a different car never stops!)

You mentioned your Eibachs earlier ...what are they like?



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Hi again,

Right from memory, as they are not on the car now.

It`s really easy adjust them, the fronts adjust from underneath. Anti clockwise will soften the ride and clockwise will harden them....I bet you they are adjusted fully clockwise!! The japs roads are very smooth hence why they have them fully hard.( mine was like that when i got it )

The rears same again, you shouldn`t have to lift the brass knob........just thinkin........ you may have to push down....I cant remember but which ever it should just click. The way I got a good ride as well as handlin was to adjust the knobs completey out all the way (anti clockwise ) at the same time count how many clicks to the end and then bring it to the middle...once you have done that go for a test drive and see what you think, dependin on whether you wana go hard or soft adjust accordlingy probably 2-3 clicks to get the right ride..

Another thing have the rear softer than the front as you need the rear to squat slighty in corners etc, the last thing is to have it firm, as she will skip across the road AYC or not you could be on trouble!!!

The springs, I got them from Dragon Autosport 01206 865444 ask for Alan ( mention me as Z ) and he will go through what he can get etc, from memory again about £140 which isn`t much full set!

I have a set of Apexi springs (red) which came with my shocks lowered to 2inchs rear and inch and half do need to go lower!! £50

Good luck let me know


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are you saying you have a set of Apexi that will fit my Ohlins for for sale at £50?...not sure.

E-mail me.

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