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Hi. The title pretty much sums it up but I'll give some background - I'm currently running 215/45R18 Uniroyal Rainsport 3s on my GS3 Lancer and, while initially being very good, the wear rate is insane and it'll soon be time for the old switcheroo. I've put 3.5k on the fronts and they've already gone from 7mm to 2.8-3.4mm - the thing only has 143hp!

So basically I'm going to put much cheaper 225/40/R18s on the 18x7J wheel which from pictures I've seen still looks acceptable. The shortlist goes something like this
-Vredestein Ultrac Essenta - £68 per corner
-Pirelli PZero Nero GT - £76 per corner
-Hankook V12 Evo2 - £78 per corner
-Yokohama Advan Sport V105 - £75 per corner

Basically the main things I want are dry grip and longevity. I don't want to have to change them after 4-5k and I want decent dry roadholding. Wet grip less of a priority as any tyre will be a downgrade in wet weather from the Rainsports. If anyone has any experience and/or opinions I'd be very grateful! Also if you have a different recommendation let me know, I'm open to ideas. Budget 85 per corner for 225/40R18s

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