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I am new to this site and looking for an Evo. (yes, its true :))
Ofcorse as cheap as possible so after reading the buyers guide(good work Bazza)
I started to doubt that the company I choose for importing the car could provide me with the car I am looking for, especialy when they have in their stock 2 E3s from 1994?!

So, in order to save myself alot of money(and time) I ask you smart ppl
do you have any experience in this company: or

Try searching their stock on Evo and you´l see what I mean.
Anyways if you have anyone to recommend for importing plz do so, I am in urgent need for that Evo this summer, altho I dont wanna rush it(did that once, not cool).

Any help regarding this subject is apriciated!

Best Regards

ps:yeah, i´ve searched on the net and this forum, didnt find anything regarding amplified.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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