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Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience with these on an Evo? I'm mostly interested in the aesthetic and side wall strength as I know they grip well.

I currently have AD08Rs and like the way they look, both tread pattern and straight side wall, they handle well and have a strong side wall (much like the original AO46 tyres) and AD08RSs seem to be a backward step in terms of grip.

I like the look of the AR1s, but I don鈥檛 want to buy them then hate them; I do so few miles, they'd be on the car for years.
I'm really trying to avoid the bulbous / rounded side wall look inherent with other semi slicks such as the R888 and AO48.

Any opinions and photos would be great.

Cheers 馃憤

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Used them at anglesey know to be a hard track on tyres especially nsf which was destroyed in 150 miles nothing left of it. They warm up very quick but don't have the endurance of a 888 and feel alot more nervous several laps in think you would be lucky to get much more than 2 track days out of them we got 6 track days out of 888. If the use is for road don't bother with any semi slicks get michelin sport 4s will out preform all of them on the road obviously just my opinion hope that helps

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Slightly off topic, but I always used A048's for 90% road car 10% track days, but when the prices got stupid I moved on to Michelin Sport 4S and they are an incredible tyre for the price
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