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hello how are you ??
I wont be there on 16th I am in Inglostadt,getting paid to enjoy myself on a private T track !!!!!!!!!!!!.but I will be at the Nurburgring over the weekend of the 22th/23th, again getting paid to ENJOY myself. God knows where I am stayin though :( probably gonna have to crash down in the offices at the Audi W/shop, Will turn it into a party I hope, The Company is Treating some Audi/VW Engineers to the GP and I have been nominated to be the representative :) :) .
A Question............What is happening at Movit ??????? I have Emailed them responce............Tried phoning them.......... either answerphone or NO answer... I NEED the Brakes quickly now.

Cheers mate

maybe see you over the weekend of 22/23 ???????


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Hello Tim, Ralliart has the exclusive rights for the Evos from Movit. And they have brakes in stock! Contact Klaus van gen Hassend at (49)-6145-544-110. Tell him it is for a E6. Get the front and rears!! Hope you get some and that we meet soon on the ring (22/23).
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