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Looks the nuts mate, wheels look great, and its looking super shiny,

What polish/wax do you use, I want to machine polish mine aswell soon

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A busy weekend for me and Michael (F1 MSN) as we undersealed both our cars. I'm sure Michael will update his thread in due course too :thumbs:

I wanted to check my rear panel so off came the rear bumper, and although a bit dirty it was pretty clean, only a small area needed attention which you'll see in the later pics.

Fortunately my car has been done before and contrary to my first thoughts, it was very well protected and very clean underneath but needed a freshen up in a few places :)

So got the degreaser out and cleaned all the cavity wax off from everywhere. One of the box sections by the bootfloor was quite bad so that got wire wheeled back and treated.

Other side was very clean

Heat shield surrounding the fuel tank cleaned up

Everywhere else degreased

Any bare metal areas primed with a red oxide primer

Our choice - 3M Underbody Schutz

Car was then sheeted over and masked up. And here's the finished product.

BIG thanks to Michael for his help this weekend!
101 - 120 of 285 Posts