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Hi guys

Picked up my new Evo from Capt.Mike yesterday and loving it so far!

Firstly I'll show you my previous car - A Corsa C with a bit of a twist...

Started off as a standard 1.8 SRi and ended up with a 420bhp Astra VXR engine with a GT3076 :lol:

Won't bore you with lots of pics but here's what it was like

Respray (originally black):

Total Vauxhall photoshoot:

Engine (fully forged etc)

Anyway onto the Evo :D

Just as I was about to drive off from Mike's house

We then went out and did some night time photography :)

Back home for its first wash

and a few more random ones :)

Plans are:

- New wheels, probably Rota Grid Drifts in 9.5J
- Re-paint bonnet and front bumper due to stone chips
- Some carbon goodness
- Enjoy it :)

Would like to say a special thanks to Mike for being so helpful throughout the process of buying it and to his neighbour Ray for taking time to be there when I picked it up due to Mike being away :)

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Thanks for all the comments :)

Some awesome quality pics. Which camera and lens did you use?

Good shout with the 9GT also, great car:coolsm:
It's a Canon 5D MK2...not sure on the lens as it's not me that took the pics...I know all his equipment adds up to over £2500 though :eek:

Love the night time pics, Would you mind sharing your technique, I have a Canon 7d, but not really into photography enough to understand how to use it, lol
As above I can't take credit for them, it's a special lighting technique with long shutter speeds, each picture is made up of 5 or so separate pictures so it does take some time to do.

As above mate nice car nice pics.

I like the corsa what you done with it stripped it now?
Cheers, yeah had to break the Corsa for parts to fund the Evo, just got the shell itself left to get rid of now

Love the Evo!!

To be fair not a fan of Corsa's, But really like the hard work thats been put into that, Bet its a real good laugh to drive, and bet its good to see peoples faces when you go flying past them!!!!
It was very good fun, embarassed a lot of expensive fast cars in it :lol:

Matt came by mine on his way home from picking it up..
Car is a credit to Mike for keeping it so well maintained and
I know it will stay that way. Good choice Matt! :smthumbup

But I do need pops and bangs now :naughty::mhihi:
Cheers Michael, need to go and get some pics together soon...

Glad you're enjoying it Matt. Loving the night time pics. Wish i'd never sold it now. Do keep us all updated with what you do with it. So glad its obviously gone to someone who'll be taking good care of it.

Right, off to cry now! :cry::cry:
I will do for sure, not got many plans for it, only what I've listed in the first post, doesn't need anything else imo :)

Get an X RS ;)

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Ok so today I set about giving the car a proper detail.

First job was the arches and mudflaps which were all COVERED in tar. Spent over an hour on each arch.

After, need to dress the liners tomorrow

Same story at the rear, didn't take a before pic unfortunately

Passenger side front after

Onto the washing


Was then clayed and rinsed off again, clay didnt pick up much, just a few bits of tar I missed.

Ready for machine polishing

Only managed to do the bootlid, spoiler, rear bumper and drivers side before calling it a day, will finish off tomorrow :)


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Not bad for a panel beater!

Car was only detailed in April but I don't think it was a very good job to be honest. Apologies for the tar, the roads around here have been restoned recently.

Looking good and I'm still gutted I sold it. :(

Nothing to replace it !
Was just the arches and mud flaps that were bad if I'm honest! The rest of it wasn't bad at all :)

Bonnet and front bumper being re-sprayed soon too, possibly this weekend.

Told you I'd look after it :thumbup:

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Nice work, that Iron X is great stuff isn't it! Better than AD Purple Rain!

Will you use Ultrafina after the X fine compound?

Stunning car though!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah first time I've ever used it! Doesn't smell too great though :lol:

I haven't got Ultrafina, got a similar finishing polish from Menzerna that I might use but on white I don't think it'll make that much difference...I don't enjoy polishing either which doesn't help lol.

Cheers :thumbup:

I knew you would. Mind you, it's nice not having to stuff gallons of V-Power into the thing every couple of days. :) :lol:
Haha, it's better on fuel than I thought it would be! But then again it doesn't get used everyday :)

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Nice Matt... Everyone should relax as Matt will take very good care of the car....
Still sad the Corsa broke as I DO like corsa's:mhihi:
But onwards and upwards we go...enjoy it ...
Thanks Alan

Get one ;) think you made your mind up tonight :D

Can see this being a good thread tbh. really nice motor you have got your self there pal. ;)

Cracking pics,mike car looks horrible ,hope you feel better soon for selling it . Right if mikes gone looking good mate
:lol: love it

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Late update, just back from Nurburgring today! Sadly didn't take the Evo :(

So after cleaning out the arches the other week I noticed some areas of surface rust, nothing major but obviously didn't want it staying there. Also some areas of the underseal were a bit thin so me and Michael (F1MSN) set about prepping the arches for some fresh stonechip coating.

Here's some before shots

Masked up, woulda liked to of taken everything off but the geometry has been setup so don't really wanna disturb it..

Stonechip done, each arch had 2 heavy coats, making sure to get properly behind the rear arches especially.

All un masked and back together :)

Unfortunately ran out of stonechip and time so we need to do the passenger side arches another time. Big thanks to Michael for helping me out :)

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So to update this, bought a set of Compomotive MO6's from a member on here...

Need to get tyres but I think they'll look really good when they're on, show off the brakes nicely too :) haven't seen many sets of these on the 7/8/9's so it's something a bit different to the norm

And then on Friday night Michael came and stonechipped the passenger side arches so all 4 have been done now. Just the fun job of doing the underside and the rear panel next! Big thanks to Michael once again


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stunning car mate! ^That front end looks spot on.
Looks amazing, credit to you

Looking good Matt. Wish I'd kept it! But mine I believe is now finished and I get back home next wed so can't wait to see how it's turned out.
Please update with pics once wheels and splitter on. :)
Awesome, get some pics up and let me know how you like it :smthumbup

Wheels and tyres should be fitted tomorrow all being well, splitter, bonnet and bumper will be painted in a couple of weeks :)

Sure I saw this at reading jap meet on Tuesday.I parked next to you. Super clean!
Yeah that was me! Cheers!

Love it :smthumbup:smthumbup
Looks superb
Cheers guys

Any pics with the new wheels yet?
Tomorrow :)

that's how mine sat on comps good wheel choice preferred them to my 9.5 grids
Nice :)

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My number plates on

Had it serviced by Rich @ RG Motorsport today, only an oil and filter change and another stamp in the book. Next time it's gonna have all the fluids changed. He also commented on how good the service history has been with the previous owners so that's good and I'll be carrying that on :smthumbup

Only thing we noticed whilst underneath was that it needs undersealing, which I kinda suspected but it's still in good condition so will get it done before winter.

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Lovely 9 GT,
I was close to buying this car from Mike myself when he had all the ctec parts on it,
I bought Callum's 9 MR RS instead tho, they look very similar

I use Rich at RG aswell, u won't go wrong with him, he knows his evo's very well.

I'll keep my eye on this thread looks like it gonna be a good 1
Woulda loved it with all the CTEC parts left on it, and to be fair Mike did offer the exhaust and intercooler to me when I went to view it but couldn't afford the extra unfortunately.

Still very very happy with the car as it though :D

I saw Callum's come up for sale and within 12 hours you'd put a deposit on it lol, lovely car. I've got an MR RS front splitter to go on next week too :)


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All in good time matt ;) Rome was not built in a day :)

I'm sure you will mod in in due course :) That's the best thing about evo ownership lol
Exactly :D

Lol I bought it fast as there was a lot of interest in it and I had been waiting for the right car to come up.
I like your new comp wheels and the splitter will set it off, I prefer the splitters colour coded to the carbon,
Have U got any more plans for it?
Travelled a long way for it too if you're down this way!

I prefer them colour coded too on white

I'd like to get the engine forged or maybe just a rod job and then a bigger turbo of some description. Had a GT3076 with v band Tial housing and external wastegate on my old Corsa and need a screamer pipe back in my life :lol:

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So yesterday I took my car to Michael (F1MSN) to have my bonnet, bumper and RS MR front splitter painted :)

Bumper and bonnet off

Bumper stripped down

I repaired some dents/deep stonechips while Michael cracked on with the bumper

I also got rid of the number plate holder holes

In the oven ready for primer


We then called it a night and had pizza and played GTA V :smthumbup

Came back this morning to flat the bumper and bonnet

Michael also freshened up all the mesh :)

Splitter prepped and ready to go

Time for some basecoat..

anddd lacquered

Bumper all back much is bolted/screwed to them!

All fitted up :)

Apologies for all the pics!

I'm gonna try and get some better ones tomorrow after I've washed it.

Big thanks to Michael once again, defo owe him a few favours now!

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Does look very nice :)
Looking great! :)
Thanks, very happy with it!

Superb work, where is he based as its just what i need doing to me e9?
Finchampstead near Wokingham, thanks for the gauges btw, meant to PM you :smthumbup

I thought this car used to have ray wheel ce37s also you might wanna free your locking rings on your coilovers before they sieze on oil them up.
Yeah it used to, Mike took them off before he sold it. Wasn't a fan anyway dare i say!

I've adjusted the coilovers and oiled them already, they weren't siezed anyway :)

Looks top quality

Looking perfect buddie miht have mine done over the winter while the cars off the road.
Yeah do it, be all fresh for the good weather then :)

Did all that whilst suffering from man flu! unbelievable tekkers :mhihi:
Haha thanks again mate!
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