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My White Evo IX GT

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Hi guys

Picked up my new Evo from Capt.Mike yesterday and loving it so far!

Firstly I'll show you my previous car - A Corsa C with a bit of a twist...

Started off as a standard 1.8 SRi and ended up with a 420bhp Astra VXR engine with a GT3076 :lol:

Won't bore you with lots of pics but here's what it was like

Respray (originally black):

Total Vauxhall photoshoot:

Engine (fully forged etc)

Anyway onto the Evo :D

Just as I was about to drive off from Mike's house

We then went out and did some night time photography :)

Back home for its first wash

and a few more random ones :)

Plans are:

- New wheels, probably Rota Grid Drifts in 9.5J
- Re-paint bonnet and front bumper due to stone chips
- Some carbon goodness
- Enjoy it :)

Would like to say a special thanks to Mike for being so helpful throughout the process of buying it and to his neighbour Ray for taking time to be there when I picked it up due to Mike being away :)
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Very nice mate glad you got a 9gt in the end looks the nuts :)
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