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Lol sorry guys. Firstly not getting power hungry, one of my mates offered me good money for my 3076 so I saw it as a good opportunity to upgrade to a GT3582HTA-M from Owens (and I could specify red bits on this one to match everything else :lol: )

While I was there last time, Mark from Owens who does the mapping said the exhaust wheel is much better on the 35 frame turbos and the 3076 wheel isn't very well matched to the compressor wheel or something along those lines. So it's with that in mind that I decided to sell the 30.

So here it is, also went for a Tial .64 housing as apposed to the Garrett .61 housing I had on my 30.
What were your reasons for going for the tial .64 over the Garrett .61?
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